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Nick and Jessica Discuss College Level Sex Education

Another look at Nick and Jessica sparring about their favorite subject.  Sex!  Sex and laughing!  “Wull, they’re almost the same aren’t they,” says Nick.  Must be so.   1,425 more words

The Goal (Off-Campus #4) by Elle Kennedy

I had a hard time completely enjoying this book because I was expecting it to be as fun as the other three books. I really want to laugh my ass off until I’m seeing rainbows but I didn’t get the full treatment. 247 more words


Does Digital or Dactarian hurt more at school!

Well to clear this up on the blog on credit/credits a currency I am as a family a hallmark of, what a dactarian is and what hurts more being digitaled. 64 more words

Open Typalatic

Baby Bombers Rule !

Shreve shuts the door on the Royals and BB’s win again !