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There’s a perfect little basket,
Sitting in the corner,
Of most, if not every bedroom,
It’s a marvellous contraption,
Requiring very little action,
If you want it to function perfectly: 348 more words


Jerk-Off Jocks, Nasty Nerds and...me?

Do you ever feel like you don’t fit into a group? If someone gave you a list of groups you would have to select “other”. Because within the “other” group there are the kids that only made the JV team, the girls who are gorgeous but not “in the right way”, the kids who are amazing, but are too shy, and those who are nerds, but can’t show it because it’s “not cool”. 88 more words


Yater-Wallace and Ferreira prove they ain’t no pipe jocks in latest from Vital Films

Torin Yater-Wallace and Alex Ferreira are two of the best in the game in the stunt ditch. They’re also really damn good all over the rest of the park. 28 more words