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The St. Bernard Award - Kyrie Irving

Beginning this week, The Website High Atop The Thing will occasionally bestow The St. Bernard Award to various people and groups who, by their behavior or words, mange to create an avalanche of stupid.   425 more words


Why Romantic Movies were Made

Romantic movies were made for the outgoing girl who got her heart broken by a jock, to let her know that all jocks are not the same, she just met the wrong one. 144 more words

A Jock/Nerd's Philosophy of Sport

A few years ago, I came across this tank top in a facebook advertisement. The instant I saw it, I burst out laughing and just about hugged the phone. 1,674 more words

Jude goes to a sports bar

After reading the email from Clemmy, Jude was confused, distraught and embarrassed.

Dear Clemmy,

Thanks for being honest with me. I understand, but I don’t understand, I mean I think I understand. 424 more words


the purple fedora incident (jude's big balls)

The day after Jude emptied his manhood all over Clemmy’s back, he was working at Randall’s and feeling like an absolute stud.

He walked around the place like he owned it. 504 more words