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Mama Speaks-Some Questions & Answers about #281129

I’m beginning to wonder if I am the only one who is still trying to “come to terms” with the Travis Alexander Murder Trial? (Did you see what I did there? 2,771 more words

Jodi Arias

The Final Verdict

 (LEFT) – Some of the faces Jodi made as she was being questioned by the prosecutor. When trapped in her own lies and backed into a corner, she would make faces meant to imply that the prosecutor was the one who was bizarre. 745 more words


Jodi Arias Murder Trial

Jodi Arias. To some, the name brings shivers. I was in a coma for the past seven years until last month when I heard she’d been given a life sentence without parole. 677 more words

Freedom Friday

Appeals Process and The Alexanders' Wrongful Death Suit

I decided to put together a little blurb about what the appeals process entails for anyone who is curious, or for anyone who is just generally unfamiliar with the appeal process. 1,777 more words

MamaVia Speaks-Odds and Ends

Hi, everyone! I expect that Miss Kelly will be back in the next few days. In the interim, will you please lift up a prayer for her as she gets a little much needed R&R? 1,502 more words

Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias' Lawyer Tells How the Murderer Had to Keep Her True Personality Hidden

Maybe Jodi Arias attorney is as delusional as Arias herself.

Jodi Arias‘ attorney says the convicted murderer is really “very chit chatty and smiley” but being in court prevented her from showing that side of her personality during the trial. 543 more words


final chapter--thank you travis alexander

I got up Monday morning like any other day and like no other day. I felt the same apprehension I felt the day I headed to downtown Phoenix that first day I attended the Jodi Arias trial in early January 2013. 2,933 more words