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The Presumption of Guilt

As clearly stated in L. Kirk Nurmi’s book, there was absolutely NO presumption of innocence for Jodi Ann Arias, it never existed.   He somehow ‘KNEW’ for a fact that Jodi was guilty and from start to finish and beyond.  922 more words

Jodi Arias

Facts Really ARE Stubborn Things ... They Keep Wanting Attention

Justice is Not Always Justice.

When Hate is Present Justice becomes Vengeance.

Could TRUTH eliminate HATE?  It should.  Perhaps for some people it will.

We are entering a season where love reigns supreme in many faiths.   1,818 more words

Jodi Arias

Attributes of a Really Good Attorney ...

A thought that keeps coming to mind is: what made L. Kirk Nurmi decide to become a criminal defense attorney in the first place?  And the answer seems to be wrapped up in a campaign he is waging against the death penalty. 2,909 more words

Jodi Arias

My Take On L. Kirk Nurmi's Book ...

Before I begin this blog,  there is one thing I want to make clear:  I do not know Jodi Arias, I’ve never met her, I’ve… 1,409 more words

Jodi Arias

When an "Especially Good Friend" is Not an "Especially Good Friend"

A lot needs to be said about the pretrial of Jodi Ann Arias.   There was one Especially Good Friend of Travis Victor Alexander who took it upon himself to ensure that Jodi Ann Arias was not only arrested but also convicted of Travis’ murder.  442 more words

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Problem Glasses and Jodi Arias

We were somewhere around our second bottle of wine when I made the startling realization that Fake Winehouse’s unexpected British accent had faded into something typical and American. 1,200 more words


Jodi Arias: On The Road To Meet Ryan Burns In Utah

The description of what a prosecuting attorney does (as noted below)  and how he does it was written by someone other than ‘Jessica Fletcher’. In researching Jodi Arias’ plight there were many things found, and unfortunately they were not documented. 2,550 more words

Detective Esteban Flores