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If Not A Domestic Violence Defense, What?

It is really too bad that people who do not believe Jodi Ann Arias belongs in prison are also the same people who are so intent on her actually having committed the murder as a justified killing under the umbrella of domestic violence.  909 more words

Travis Alexander

If George Barwood Is Correct, Jodi Arias Is Doomed

According to George Barwood, only a small minority of people have the brainpower to properly comprehend the “complex” Jodi Arias murder case and, in turn, conclude that she is innocent. 835 more words

Jodi Arias

Juror Fell in Love with Jodi Arias

You would think that someone who is going to spend the rest of their life in prison for a grizzly murder would no longer be making news. 616 more words


An Open Letter to Attorney L. Kirk Nurmi

“The best thing that could happen to you is happening right now.”

This is a quote used in the book by Kirk Nurmi about having to defend Jodi Arias.   2,512 more words

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How The Probable Cause & Grand Jury Led To A Malicious Prosecution

‘PROBABLE CAUSE: A reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime.  The test the court of appeals employs to determine whether probable cause existed for purposes of arrest is whether facts and circumstances within the officer’s knowledge are sufficient to warrant a prudent person to believe a suspect has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime. 1,728 more words

Detective Esteban Flores

Sleuthing: Where Have All the Probabilistic Reasoning Skills Gone?

Excerpted from a blog post by someone calling herself a “sleuth”:

One of the simplest principles of probability theory is the multiplication rule for independent events… 583 more words

Jodi Arias


Happy New Year, everyone! I’m so glad you’ve taken a moment of your day to visit. It truly is a pleasure to be here as well. 565 more words

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