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Former Labour Minister accuses Liverpool Council of “Institutional Incompetence”

When a former Labour Minister with a vast experience of Liverpool politics makes comments like this in a national newspaper we should all listen to him… 1,807 more words

Mayor Of Liverpool

Police and Peeves

There has been an interesting exchange in the Wirral Globe letters page over the past couple of weeks. Firstly ,  we had Wirral Leaks regular Charles Nunn who wrote in to say: 714 more words

Labour pass buck on Hope & Glory Fiasco

Once again the Labour Party have ignored the fact that they control the council and have allowed officers to carry the can for the fiasco on William Brown Street… 602 more words

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Fright Night Friday: America’s Most Haunted (2013)

Horror films come in all shapes and varieties, from hits based on famous novels to movies so bad they become cult classics. Although most audiences look to the major studios and theaters, I always say the indie scene is where you can find… 378 more words


Lib Dems welcome Anderson U-Turn on World Heritage Status

After 6 years of denial the Mayor has finally recognised the importance of our World Heritage Status after 6 years saying it was just a ‘plaque on the wall of the Town Hall’ 770 more words

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Fitzgerald’s suspension calls into question Anderson’s judgement

Liverpool’s spare Mayor must consider his position after his appalling lack of judgement in this matter

At 17.25 tonight all councillors in Liverpool received the notice below that the Chief Executive of Liverpool, Ged Fitzgerald, has finally been suspended from office 4 months after he was first arrested on serious criminal charges. 657 more words

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Abbatoir (2016, dir. Darren Lynn Bousman)

After her sister’s murder, a reporter finds someone is buying murder rooms to make their own house. Ingenious and promising premise aside, Abbatoir soon gets bogged down in padded and clumsy storytelling, some daft production design, and a pretty ropey reveal. Disappointing.