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Why I’m putting a smile on Joe Anderson’s face!

In a burst of pre-Christmas goodwill I am hoping that this blog will put a smile on the face of Mayor Anderson!!

After calamity after calamity for the Mayor of Liverpool in recent months I thought it was time I gave him a rare piece of good news! 818 more words

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Why I don't want Kingdom to come!

This picture reproduced from the Liverpool Echo claims to show Kingdom staff ‘stalking’ potential offenders. This is not the right way to proceed.

A few months ago, the Council asked all City Councillors to highlight where we would like the Kingdom litter enforcers to attend in our wards. 661 more words

Liverpool City Council

Labour wants the Tory Government to impose planning policy in Liverpool

It’s because Labour are rabidly following Tory housing policy in Liverpool that we are stuck with sites like this that have seen no building work for 12 months… 948 more words

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Disgraceful Scenes at Liverpool Town Hall as Labour vote down motions on Academic Freedom; sodium valproate; Safe Parking & supported Redrow Homes domination of Liverpool housing

Liverpool Town Hall was again seen as part of a ‘demockery’ than a democracy as Labour voted down very reasonable Lib Dem motions and the Mayor used sexist language… 1,102 more words

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Lib Dems welcome Mayor Rotheram's report back session


Two Labour Mayors for Liverpool but one is playing in a different league. It’s time for the spare Mayor to realise this and go

Liverpool Lib Dems have welcomed yesterday’s report back session on Mayor Rotheram’s first 6 months. 732 more words

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Lib Dems Urge Liverpool Council to back Corbyn’s housing policy

It would appear that the Lib Dems are more supportive of Jeremy Corbyn’s housing policy than his own colleagues in Liverpool led by Mayor Anderson… 668 more words

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Spooky Week: The Crazies

In this 2010 thriller, The Crazies stars Timothy Olyphant as David, the small town sheriff who suddenly finds himself thrust into a government conspiracy. Forced to fight for the survival of his family, he must grapple with his suddenly apocalyptic environment after the emergence of a virus takes control of the town residents. 374 more words