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Our role is to represent the community in the Town Hall not t'other way round

When politicans get sponsorship from private companies you need to ask do they serve that company or the public!

Two things have made me ponder over the past few days about the nature of community politics. 1,166 more words

Liverpool Politics

Redrow Granted Planning Permission to Build on Harthill Estate Despite Protests

Redrow has been granted planning permission to build more than 50 homes on the Harthill Road Estate site despite a big protest at the site and in Liverpool Town Hall afterwards at the Planning Committee meeting. 201 more words


The Three Fundamental Deceits about Calderstones Park

Some of the 300 respectable ladies and gents who were described as a screaming mob when they dared to protest about the Mayor’s plans to build on part of Calderstones Park… 1,257 more words


 Greetings again from the darkness. Pre-judging movies is just something that naturally happens for frequent movie watchers, and a pleasant surprise can create a joyous experience. 484 more words


Vampire Kiss brings Militant back to life in Liverpool

Liverpool Town Hall where next week we will be debating a call from our Labour Mayor to have a demomonstration in London

When I last did a blog some 10 days ago about the Mayor of Liverpool’s call for a lottery, following hard on the heels of a suggestion about a 10% council tax increase I warned that in Liverpool daft ideas come in threes. 1,540 more words

Wild Faith (Post Production)

Movie and Series Coming Soon


Writer(s): DJ Perry

Director(s): Jesse Low

Producer(s): DJ Perry, Jesse Low, Joe Cipriano

Starring: DJ Perry, Lana Wood, Darby Hilton, Melissa Anschutz, Joe Cipriano, Christine Marie, Anthony Hornus, Abigail Mason, Joe Anderson, Jimmy Doom, Ian Griffin, David Gries… 40 more words

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A Lottery –Another Bonkers idea from the Mayor of Liverpool

How could a Liverpool lottery begin to compete against the three national lotteries and the plethora of local ones?

Daft ideas in Liverpool seem to be like buses sometimes – they tend to come in threes. 959 more words

Mayor Of Liverpool