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Donald Trump says he’d love to take 'Mr. Tough Guy' Joe Biden’s challenge to duke it out 'behind the gym'

Donald Trump Tuesday mocked Vice-President Joe Biden’s wish to rough up the Republican nominee, saying that Biden is only a tough guy “when he’s standing behind a microphone by himself.” 196 more words


'I'd Love That.' Donald Trump Ready for Fight with 'Mr Tough Guy' Joe Biden

Donald Trump has said he would “love” to fight Joe Biden, after the Vice President suggested last week that he would rough up the Republican nominee. 195 more words

Jeremy Corbyn 'Completely To Blame' For Donald Trump

As Donald Trump further exercised his natural gift for taste and diplomacy by threatening to beat up 73-year-old Vice President Joe Biden yesterday, Mr Trump’s supporters are laying the blame for his poor showing in the polls on Jeremy Corbyn. 261 more words


When your only choice is the lesser of two evils....evil still wins.

I was arguing with my father the other day.  He insists on voting for Hillary Clinton and I cannot convince him otherwise.  Probably because he has been dead for 35 years.    536 more words

Donald Trump wants to meet 'Mr. Tough Guy', Joe Biden, at ‘the back of the barn’

Donald Trump said he would love to meet Joe Biden in the back of the barn while also calling the U.S. vice-president “Mr. Tough Guy.” 361 more words


Donald Trump: I'd 'Love' To Fight Joe Biden

By Jeremy Diamond

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) — Donald Trump said Tuesday he’d “love” to fight Vice President Joe Biden, days after Biden said he wished he could fight the Republican nominee… 240 more words


Vice President Visits Pittsburgh To Campaign For Clinton & McGinty

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — They lined up at Chatham University at least five hours early on a very crisp fall day.

“My feet are pretty cold. They’re a little purple,” said Paige Oswald of Greensburg. 617 more words