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Monday night baseball

Last night, while browsing Twitter, I stumbled upon this VHS recording of a telecast of a 1979 ABC Monday Night Baseball game between the Angels and the Redsox.   169 more words


The Road to Riot Fest: Me Verses The Clown and Giving Up My Man Card For Paramore.

Just as soon as i got over eating chicken feet and meal worms from Riot Fest 2016, I find myself in early August counting down the days until September 15. 394 more words

Joe Buck: MLB Stars As Ready As Ever To Help Promote, Grow The Game

(CBS) Fox broadcast Joe Buck is realistic enough to understand that the in-game interviews he was conducting with players in the All-Star Game on Tuesday night would be highly unlikely to fly in anything other than an exhibition game. 348 more words


Even People Playing in MLB All-Star Game Would Rather Be Watching Football

Bryce Harper asking @Buck how he thinks @Dak will do in 2017, while playing RF. pic.twitter.com/PVOzt04Fvm

— uSTADIUM (@uSTADIUM) July 12, 2017

With the Major League Baseball All-Star Game no longer determining home field in the World Series, things loosened up a bit.

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Bryce Harper asked Joe Buck about Dak Prescott during an interview from the outfield

The MLB All-Star Game no longer means anything outside of being a fun showcase of the biggest stars in the game. You know, like every other sports does its All-Star games. 267 more words