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Whatever It Is, I'm Against It

Why does so much confusion surround the so-called Alt-Right while so many people are absolutely certain they oppose it? The Southern Baptist Convention seemed to set the standard… 948 more words

Being Human

Tim Keller Plants, New York City Gives the Growth

In the ballpark of always affirming, always sunny religious journalism comes Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra’s puff piece on Tim Keller’s retirement at Redeemer NYC. I am not sure that this is the kind of analysis of context that Joe Carter… 248 more words

Because Someone Has To Provide Oversight

Maple bats: Do they cause more harm than good?

In this June 4, 2013 photo, the wood of choice for the Uppercut Bat is a high grade piece of Maple that can be custom ordered and designed with a variety of stains and paints, at the Uppercut Bat Company in Tupelo, Miss. 473 more words


Proud To Be A "Broken Wolf"

On April 21, Joe Carter, of The Gospel Coalition, posted an article he’d written entitled, “Beware of Broken Wolves”.

He was vague enough to allow himself room to deny that it was directed at anyone in particular, however he did show his hand: 644 more words


Joe Carter 1991 Topps - Sully Baseball Card of the Day for April 18, 2017

If you read a blog like this one, chances are you know who Joe Carter is. Seeing him in a San Diego Padres uniform might be a bit odd, but his legacy in baseball history is secure. 1,103 more words

This IS White Normativity

Maybe not, but who can imagine that regeneration washes away the perspective that comes with being a white man? Joe Carter, for instance, wrote a series on Christian journalism for the gospel allies that contains… 597 more words


Happy birthday to the underrated Joe Carter

It’s actually a belated birthday wish but better late than never, right?

Besides, the fact his birthday is not top of mind for many baseball enthusiasts¬†(unless you’re a Toronto Blue Jays fan) kind of goes with how people remember his baseball career. 111 more words