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Death and Darkness ~ ISIS: 9 Things You Should Know | re-blog - Joe Carter, TGC

Peanut Gallery:

Christmas and Epiphany are celebrations of Life and Light – the birth of Jesus brought Life and Light to everyone. That’s why it’s a joyful season of peace on earth to all people of goodwill. 1,064 more words

Life Around The World

Alzheimer's Disease: 9 things you should know | Re-blog - Joe Carter | TGC

Peanut Gallery: Recently I boarded an airline flight early and, with an aisle seat near the front, watched the parade of the remaining passengers. One older couple caught my eye. 855 more words

Life In America

Curt Schilling Belongs In The Hall of Fame

Curt Schilling is a blowhard.  He talks and talks and talks and I’m not sure he always knows what he’s talking about, but he keeps talking.   514 more words

Baseball Cards

Ralph Branca Wasn't The Only Pitcher Remembered For One Pitch (Giuseppe)

You can ask any baseball fan if a hitter is remembered for one at bat, they probably did something big. Walk-off home run in the Postseason, the game-winning double, or maybe the sac bunt to send a team to the World Series. 1,056 more words


Localism is Great (beats pretty good) as Long as Charles Taylor is Your Neighbor

Joshua Rothman has a thoughtful piece on Charles Taylor and ends on a surprisingly hopeful note considering the recent election and how fly-over country voted: 1,117 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Cubs/Indians And The Road/Home Pattern

The Chicago Cubs’ 7 game triumph road/home win/loss configuration is the third in World Series history.

The World Series of 1968, 1979 and now 2016 are the only series where the winners in the 7 games followed this pattern: home, road, road, road, home, road and road. 103 more words

The Second Annual Guitar Festival

By Jessica Andriani

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University’s Second Annual Guitar Festival took place on Wednesday, Oct. 19 in the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts. 517 more words

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