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Locating Joe E. Brown's Birthplace


Comedian and Hollywood star Joe E. Brown was born in 1892 in the small town of Holgate, (Henry County), Ohio. And where is Holgate, Ohio? 586 more words

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Entertainment Desires

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Born to Mathias and Anna Evans Brown, comedian Joe E. Brown first began to entertain people as an acrobat. Acrobatics, he thought, was what he wanted to work at to help with the family income, but by the time he was seven he’d already become gainfully employed as a newspaper carrier. 446 more words

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Laughter is a Wonderful Thing

The pictures I attached to the above sticky post of this blog are from my scrapbook of 1964 and 1965, when I worked for the Northwest-Signal newspaper in Napoleon, Ohio — the first time. 324 more words

Joe E Brown


Not long ago on Facebook some very misleading facts concerning the Hollywood star and comedian Joe E. Brown, born in my hometown of Holgate, Ohio, appeared, much to my consternation. 203 more words

Joe E Brown

The November 2015 Scraps File

Once more, here’s a pile of words that I couldn’t use in my humor blog. If you want to do anything with them, please, have fun and let me know if it makes you any money. 318 more words


Film 109 | The Comedy of Terrors

The Comedy of Terrors (1963)
Dir: Jacques Tourneur
Starring: Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone, Joyce Jameson, Joe E. Brown
Run-Time: 83 Mins… 335 more words

The Comedy of Terrors (1964)

The horror film has always been an easy mark for filmmakers to parody so Speakeasy’s Kristina and myself have decided to shine the light on the satires of horror and have some fun with them in our march toward October 31st. 831 more words

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