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OpticSpy: A tool to explore optical data transmissions and covert channels

My #OpticSpy project is now live on @Crowd_Supply! Explore optical data transmissions and decode secret messages hidden in blinkenlights. https://t.co/qGIv1jnMyY

— Joe Grand (@joegrand) …

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HardwareSecurityTraining.info gets 4th trainer

Colin O’Flynn joins Joe+Joe+Dymtry, so ‘power trio’ is no longer appropriate.


I thought running a class in SF would be cool, but 4 awesome hardware trainers & multiple class choices is going to be even better: …

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Does ‘power trio’ apply to training companies, as well as rock bands? :-)

Happy to announce that @joegrand, @securelyfitz and I decided to launch our own set of hardware security trainings…

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[Joe Grand's] Toothbrush Plays Music That Doesn't Suck

It’s not too exciting that has a toothbrush that plays music inside your head. That’s actually a trick that the manufacturer pulled off. It’s that … 327 more words

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