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Rhonda Roland Shearer Responds

Yesterday the hardtracking staff at Sneak Adtack wrote this about some awards handed out by author and publisher Rhonda Roland Shearer’s current iMediaEthics.org website, and in the process mentioned her  630 more words

Apparently 'Ethical Native Advertising' Is Not an Oxymoron

The hardtracking staff at Sneak Adtack rarely has anything good to say about native advertising, those ads in sheep’s clothing that trick out marketing material as editorial content. 216 more words

Hil-Dawg Is (Probably) At It Again

Yes, the 2016 Presidential Election is over 1,000 days away, but what better time than now to start speculating?  If you haven’t had enough of Hillary Clinton, you better get used to it because she finally admitted that she is “considering” a bid for the White House.  77 more words


Clinton wrestling with Presidential bid

New York Magazine writer Joe Hagan talks with Candy about his interview with Hillary Clinton and predictions for 2016.

State Of The Union

AWOL George W. and Rove's Mastery of the Press.

Before it fades away again, and likely for good this time, it is worth remembering the brilliant exercise of the dark arts of political deflection we witnessed in the 2004 George W. 770 more words

George W. Bush

Dan Rather was right about George W Bush

This is for anyone who has stayed with Dan Rather throughout his stellar career as reporter and anchor.

Often a catalyst of controversy, nothing Rather had done to date exploded the way his story on then President George W Bush and his military career did. 196 more words


An argument for history, by way of a point about butt sex

Of all the necessary qualities it takes to make a good journalist, cynicism and misanthropia are the most essential. A strong abhorrence of common human behavior creates a thirst for justice, truth, and the healing schadenfreude of exposing politicians as the craven, pandering degenerates that they are. 1,105 more words