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Levi -- And not the Jeans

Ok, Sarah Palin has to be stabbing massive amounts of Alaska Salmon pretending they are Levi Johnston.  He is like the thorn that won’t go away, first he knocked up their daughter, then he got engaged to her…which was certainly public opinion, then he goes and bad mouths the family.  75 more words

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Morgan Stanley Intern's Report

Today everyone was shaken by a 15 year-olds report on how young people (under 15) use technology.  This includes television, radio, TV, internet and music.  The important thing to remember that this is one kid, and he lives in the UK. 42 more words

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NYTimes: Spinning the Web

There was a great article in the New York Times on Saturday, July 4th.  Some of you may have missed it while you were celebrating American and eating hot dogs.  18 more words

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Sarah Palin's Twitter Press Conference

I was at the gym when the news of Sarah Palin’s decision not to run for re-election broke.  And this news broke from all places, on Twitter.  186 more words

Joe Hansen

A Unified Voice for Immigration Reform

When it comes to Congress, history has taught us that pushing for an issue is better done with a common goal than a divided one.  Take immigration reform, for instance.  348 more words


As if the zeal of Big Business and its congressional representatives to shred the protections which save workers’ lives and to exploit the vulnerability of undocumented immigrants weren’t outrageous enough, earlier this month the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency found a particularly cynical way to meld the two: dressing up as safety instructors to lure 48 undocumented immigrants to what was ostensibly a mandatory OSHA meeting and then arresting them. 148 more words