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Joe Hockey Warns Against 'Tickling the Tummy' of Kim Jong-Un

Australia’s eyes and ears in Washington says a more aggressive approach to North Korea may be needed, warning against “tickling the tummy” of Kim Jong-un. 427 more words


As a politics junkie, the lack of Fairfax insight on Budget night is genuinely troubling. It means most of the country will be getting their in-depth analysis from News Corp media or other conservative sources like Channel Nine. 263 more words


Joe Hockey - Ambassador at large (expense)

Joe Hockey heaps praise upon Trump cabinet – SMH recently. Our Ambassador to the US, former treasurer Joe Hockey has praised the Trump administration for being practical and not beholden to ideology or tradition. 25 more words


Joe Hockey Makes TV Show About Yanks Killing Pharlap

Ambassador Joe Hockey has proudly announced that the first episode of his new cable TV show about Australian US friendship will focus on the time the American poisoned Pharlap. 262 more words


With the Christmas now upon us

With the Christmas now upon us.

So, as the worst (and I use the term very loosely) “government” in our history, scrapes through another year, and managed to dodge the accountability bullet, by barely sitting, and never answering any questions, on the odd occasions that they did sit, we end another year of wasted opportunities on critical issues such as; 577 more words

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