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Michelle Grattan: Is she Australia's neoliberal mastermind?

I posted the following comment on this article – “Pre-budget battle weapons – a slogan and a slide show.” 

Grattan: There is not much incentive, in these circumstances, for in-depth discussion about the budget fundamentals.

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No Chairs. Just Seats.

Just weeks ago, Treasurer Joe Hockey told us that we’d “fall off our chairs” over some aspects of the Intergenerational Report.
It didn’t happen.

In fact, the silence was almost deafening. 577 more words

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Joe Hockey to tart up the budget with lipstick :The Treasurer moans about Labor’s budget tricks, yet considers a similar sleight of hand.

Treasurer Joe Hockey during Question Time. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Never have I less looked forward to a budget. The one due in seven weeks is going to make me feel dreadful; not because of what it will do, but because of what it won’t do. 830 more words

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Graphical Manipulations #127: Ohhhhhhhh Rats! And A Pig!!

I seem to be suffering from PCSS (that’s Post Continuous Satire Syndrome) further exacerbated by the suspension of belief that this Lieberal Government can continue to make gaffe after gaffe, usually by their Prime Winky Dill, but also increasingly by others who you’d imagine, after watching their leader make an absolute dill of himself, would be ensuring that they had switched on the intelligent part of their brain before putting their mouth into gear.  393 more words

News: Hockey v Fairfax Media Publications, Final Submissions in Federal Treasurer's defamation trial

On 16 March 2015, the Federal Court of Australia heard final addresses in the defamation action brought by the federal treasurer, Joe Hockey, against Fairfax Media.   1,084 more words


Graphical Manipulations #126: Spare Me, Monkeys, Le Gourmand, Rattery, Diplomacy & Apocalypsesssss!

After many years of listening/watching presentations, especially Powerpoint presentations consisting of interminable slides, covered in thousands of words, or with complex graphics, flicked through at the speed of light, and overlain by excruciating explanatory gibberish, I recall from somewhere in the deep, dank and dark places of my memory advice on presenting presentations which went something like this:  “Start steady, build the argument in the middle, and end on a high note.  535 more words

Fairfax's call

Treasurer Joe Hockey is currently in the courts to settle a case against Fairfax press for a defamation suit.  His claims rest on an interpretation of a news headline printed in Fairfax newspapers, The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald.  330 more words

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