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Poll Revival? If He Survives, Abbott Must Change

FOR THE SECOND TIME in a week, a new opinion poll has signalled a dramatic recovery in Coalition support, with the less-than-reliable Fairfax-Ipsos poll’s 51-49 lead to Labor apparently validating the four-point rise recorded by Newspoll last week. 1,411 more words

Abbott Calls On CSIRO To Build A Time Machine So He Can Take Out Hitler

Volunteer fire fighter, avid bathing suit-wearer and Minister for Women Tony Abbott has today called upon the country’s top scientific bureau the CSIRO to look into building a time machine that would enable Abbott to send Australian troops back in time to kill Hitler. 170 more words

The UnAustralian

Graphical Manipulations #123: Logic, Teamsters, Reviews, Rats, Monkeys, Comedians & Gourdliness!

Well! It’s been confirmed that there are moves, albeit initial, to formerly alter the Australian honours system to give gongs more appropriately referred to as “Mates”! 505 more words

Much obliged: The poor face onerous rules while rich corporations avoid tax with impunity

Australian politicians love the idea of mutual obligation. But the disparities underlying it are becoming more and more extreme. Welfare recipients are painted as getting “something for nothing”, and pushed into more and more restrictive versions of the social contract. 5,310 more words


Graphical Manipulations #122: Mr Nice, Eleventyisms, Oops, Comic Relief, Rats, Government’s And Gourds!

For a moment there we were much concerned that the time of Satirical Surfeit was about to become Satirical Starvation as our Prime Team Australia Leader Rabbott stopped the tomfoolery and became all serious and, well, Prime Ministerial!  656 more words

Abbott & Hockey's Economic Mismanagement Has Lead To Business Confidence Slump, Family Budgets Struggling & A Bleak Future

Australian Business confidence is now at the lowest it’s been in over 30 years and unemployment has hit a 12 year high under the Abbott Government, youth unemployment is at a 13 year high with around 14 per cent of young people unemployed.  378 more words

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