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Essential Media Poll - 2PP Vote: ALP 52% LNP 48% & 50% Think Budget Is About Improving Government Image

This weeks Essential Media Poll has the 2 Party preferred vote for the ALP at 52% and the LNP 48%. This is no change from the previous week but it is a a negative -5.5% swing away from the LNP and a 5.5% swing towards Labor since the last election. 176 more words

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Fluffy figures, flawed calculations, false expectations.

Fair, reasonable and balanced. That has been Tony Abbott’s latest pre-budget mantra, a mantra that took a hiding after Joe Hockey delivered what will surely be his final attempt at a budget last night. 62 more words

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Graphical Manipulations #135: Postprandial Trauma, A Rat Rampage, Horror Show And Sheeple!

Well, here we all sit, postprandially replete after a rather bland meal of small meat portions, entrained in a vegetable hotch potch and Liberally covered with a hearty braggadocio sauce! 476 more words

Joe Hockey Says Hackers Took Charge Of Federal Budget

Soon to be former Treasurer, Joe Hockey has made the extraordinary claim that professional computer hackers hacked into the federal budget and changed the details. 208 more words

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An equity war could stifle the post-budget glow

Two post-budget polls show the Government is back in voters’ good books, but how long this lasts will depend on the ill-advised equity war Scott Morrison seems determined to fight.

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Hockey Caught Misleading Viewers On The ABC’s Insiders Over Fraud Comments

The ABC’s insider program this morning, Barry Cassidy, asked if the treasurer regretted the comments that he made about “Double dipping” with regards to paid parental leave. 218 more words

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"Pick of the Week": The Weekly on Foreign Aid

The ‘Federal Budget‘, which was released this week, is promising “jobs, growth and opportunity”.

Who’s excited…?

For me, it isn’t apathy. I care about how the government is spending our money. 147 more words