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Joe's Friendship Group and the case for a Republic

So Joe Hockey has brought up the case for an Australian Republic again.

Now, it’s really very hard to see this as anything less than a distraction act at a time when the government is besieged by persistent issues including but not limited to: a brutal oppression of refugees and the related media gag, inaction on climate change, worsening debt position, lack of appropriate tax reform, expansion of the war in the Middle East, and much more. 817 more words

Spring Is Finally Here!

Was I the only person in the southern hemisphere who woke this morning with a great big loud “Yes” and an air pump? While driving around the city today I noticed a lot of happy drivers. 413 more words

Helpful Date Ideas

Graphical Manipulations #150: Commissions, Shares, Rats, A Book And A Farce!

Underlings! Silence in this place!! After careful deliberation over several days, I have come to the personal opinion, albeit a self-indulgent and self-righteous one, that I am, without doubt, an entirely upright and estimable personage! 581 more words

Any Reshuffle Must Go Further Than Dumping Hockey

WITH ONE EYE on the Canning by-election and the other on consistently dreadful opinion poll numbers, whispers emanating from the Abbott government and into the Fairfax press suggest a strategy of dumping Joe Hockey in the by-election’s aftermath followed by a double dissolution in March. 2,209 more words

Desperate Abbott struggles to maintain control

Bombing Syria, cutting taxes, and dumping Joe Hockey as Treasurer – the latest ideas coming out of this Government suggest Tony Abbott is desperately scrabbling for anything in the hope of escaping his dire situation. 6 more words


On Joe Hockey's Comments

“The starting point for a first home buyer is to get a good job that pays good money”

Joe Hockey, 9 June 2015

I guess, technically, he’s correct.

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