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Australia: let's get rid of the states

Earlier today, I posted the following comment to an article on whether we need the existing system of three levels of government in Australia (see… 437 more words


Tony Abbott And His Cohorts Dishonoured Australian Conservatism

AS 2016 takes early steps toward post-silly season normality, a ministerial reshuffle looms as the first task of the Turnbull government; far from finding a portfolio for Tony Abbott — who really ought to leave Parliament — those on the Liberal Right must accept their deposed leader, and the coterie assembled by him on their behalf, dishonoured Australian conservatism at a time this country most needed sound, orthodox Tory governance. 5,461 more words

Lessons from North Sydney for minor players

27 December 2015

Both sides of politics have much to think about as a new year dawns.  With a Federal election coming next year, the Turnbull Coalition Government looks assured of victory, with the Opposition looking unelectable, at least as far as opinion polls go.   867 more words

Merry Christmas

Well Truth Seekers, what a year we’ve had   :shock:   Starting the year with one alleged PM, and finishing it with another alleged PM   :roll:

And along the way we had: 638 more words

By Truth Seeker

Graphical Manipulations #165: You Close Your Eyes, And Realise. 2015’s Not Been A Pretty Sight!

As was predicted a week or so ago exhaustion has overtaken the contributory animalia and they’ve decided that a bit of a rest might help to revitalise their jaded wits! 631 more words

Abbott: the next Mark Latham

The Political Weekly: There’s nothing quite so pathetic as a self-deluded has-been politician, desperately trying to squawk their way back into the political spotlight, but in so doing only reinforcing the reason they were relegated to feather duster status in the first place.

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Begone With You

“If I’d stayed, it would have been about getting even.”  This is a quote from Joe Hockey on leaving Parliament.

What an incredibly puerile response 166 more words