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Case Law, Australia: Hockey v Fairfax Media, Joe Hockey awarded $200,000 over malicious poster and tweets - Yvonne Kux

In a judgment handed down on 30 June 2015 ( FCA 652), the Federal Treasurer, Joe Hockey, has been awarded damages totalling $200,000 over a poster and two tweets which accused him of “ 1,519 more words


Treasurer for Rent

So Joe Hockey “won” his defamation case against the Sydney Morning Herald but it could cost him more than the settlement.

My second VEDJINA:


Joe Hockey: Yzma in disguise

I know I’m a couple of weeks late to the analysis of Joe Hockey’s latest infuriating, insensitive, ignorant, out-of-touch comment (rest assured, I’m sure he’ll make another one soon). 390 more words

Tony Abbott's Liberal Party take bribes for favours once too often. Time for a Royal Commission!

Everywhere you look lately there is evidence of the Liberal Party taking bribes for access to their politicians. The most recent allegation by the ABC and Fairfax Media is that the Liberal Party have been taking bribes off the Mafia.  1,292 more words

Kerry Stokes

Judgment of Solomon in #HockeyFairfax litigation

In the biblical narrative, King Solomon revealed his wisdom in his resolution of a maternity dispute. By threatening to ‘split the baby’, the true mother (who sought to protect her child by offering it to the other female claimant) was identified. 3,152 more words


Treasurer For Sail

Treasurer Joe Hockey likes sail boats far more than any other types of boat, especially those paddle boats with the massive oversized wheels out the front. 155 more words

The UnAustralian

Hockey: Not exactly for sale, but more to answer for

In a week when we have learned of donor corruption within Liberal ranks thanks to an investigative report aired on the ABC’s Four Corners program last night, we have also, as of this afternoon, learned of Treasurer Joe Hockey’s success in his Fairfax defamation case. 551 more words

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