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Michael Jordan destroyed the Warriors' owner with simple, brutal honesty

You’re probably not better than Michael Jordan. And even if you are better than Michael Jordan, don’t try to tell Michael Jordan that you’re better than Michael Jordan. 194 more words


Michael Jordan Went Full MJ, Told the Warriors Co-Owner His 73-9 Season "Don't Mean (Anything)"

Tuesday, Joe Lacob, co-owner of the Golden State Warriors, was on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, and he told about the time he and Michael Jordan were out drinking and Jordan just straight up told Lacob that 73-9 season the Warriors had? 127 more words


How the Warriors became a great team: 12 easy steps

If you ever decide to write a book about the Warriors, but you want to start AFTER their turnaround began, feel free to use this as a guide. 153 more words


Interview with Joe Lacob, Warriors' owner: On moving from Oakland to SF; atmosphere at new arena; cost of PSLs, East Bay fans; whether name-change coming, more

The Warriors held their groundbreaking for the new San Francisco Arena on Tuesday. If everything goes according to plan, the Warriors will be tipping off at the Chase Center in time to start the 2019-20 season. 416 more words


Warriors' groundbreaking for new San Francisco Arena here; What will be the impact to Golden State's fan base?

The Warriors announced on Tuesday that groundbreaking will begin on their new downtown San Francisco Arena on Jan. 17. It’s already been a foregone conclusion that the Warriors were leaving Oakland, but this is another nail and a fresh dose of reality that the time is coming sooner rather than later. 768 more words


Kevin Durant Accidentally Told The Warriors' Owner His Free-Agency Plans Before He Was Ready

Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors in July because he wanted a change. His decision rocked the basketball world and marked the beginning of what could be one of the most iconic dynasties in league history. 236 more words