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Breast Cancer Meme Case Study

Everyone loves a good meme, and everyone has favorite charities and causes. Countless awareness and activism memes have spread on social media. Let’s talk about those encrypted breast cancer awareness memes that flood Facebook each October. 758 more words


Today in Madonna History: April 16, 1993

On April 16 1993, Body Of Evidence (starring Madonna) opened in cinemas across the U.K.

Roger Ebert had this to say about the film:

I’ve seen comedies with fewer laughs than… 114 more words


CELEBRITY (1998) - Woody Allen's weak take on the excesses of fame

Three caveats about the cast of Woody Allen’s Celebrity must top this review. First, this movie got more than the usual publicity for an Allen film solely because Leonardo Dicaprio is in it. 468 more words

Homicide |1991| Directed by David Mamet

You have to know what you are looking for, otherwise everything surrounding you will chew you in and spit it out. Police detective Bobby Gold is on a trail of Robert Randolph, who is on the FBI’s most wanted list, drug dealer and a cop killer. 371 more words

Movie Reviews

How Far Can You Push The Con? - House of Games (1987)

I actually came to David Mamet’s House of Games a bit sideways. Nowadays, of course, it would catch my eye because of Mamet’s name and my love for his unique style of writing dialogue. 472 more words


Eye for an Eye (1996)

Plot: Karen (Sally Field) was on the phone with her daughter when someone broke into their house, then she had to listen helplessly as her own child was raped and murdered by this intruder. 598 more words

Throwback Thursday-A Call To Remember (Television Movie)-1997

Life is complicated, that is a fact.

In the 1997 television movie, A Call To Remember, Paula and David Tobias (Blythe Danner and Joe Mantegna) are middle-aged Holocaust survivors just living their lives and going about their business.  97 more words