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A very short review of "Thinner" (1996)

“Thinner” (1996) was a fun enough outing; I’d give it an 8 out of 10.  You can easily tell that this story originated with Stephen King.   181 more words

'Criminal Minds' fan recap: Quid pro quo, Hotchner

Season 11 | Episode 21 | “Devil’s Backbone” | Aired Apr 20, 2016

With two episodes left in season 11 of Criminal Minds, everyone is curious what the finale will bring. 1,071 more words

Whenever you’re going to play a real person, you run the risk of well, everybody in the world kind of has an image of what that person is and who he should be and so you really have to do your homework. 6 more words

Joe Mantegna

'Criminal Minds' fan recap: Rossi's ex and the face-slashing pyscho

Season 11 | Episode 20 | “Inner Beauty” | Aired Apr 13, 2016

With only three more episodes in this season of Criminal Minds, it feels like we’re on a downward slope. 1,030 more words

The Band Behind The Jams - Peter Pardini Chronicles Chicago

Forming in 1967, the band Chicago has never stopped touring, becoming the top selling band of the ‘70s and eventually the second highest-selling American band of all time. 425 more words

Sarasota Film Festival

'Criminal Minds' fan recap: Paget Brewster returns as Emily Prentiss

Season 11 | Episode 18 | “Tribute” | Aired Mar 30, 2016

With Morgan’s exit fresh in our minds, we turn to a new day without our favorite ass-kicking agent. 1,162 more words