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What The Funny #4: Who's For Dinner?

It’s that time again! Time for another breakdown of one of my favorite Rocko’s Modern Life shorts!

Before we start, let me once again apologize for the… 1,135 more words


Nick Animation Podcast - Joe Murray

Rocko’s Modern Life creator, Joe Murray, shares why he was initially reluctant to bring our favorite anxiety-prone wallaby back to television and why flying under the radar was the best thing that could have happened to the inhabitants of O-Town.


leather duck, baklava bullet, wrecked snail: joe murray on tapes from tutore burlato

Triple Heater – Aurochs (tape, Tutore Burlato, #15)

Tom White – Commemoratives (tape, Tutore Burlato, #14)

TR/ – Amici di Filippo (tape, Tutore Burlato, #13) 1,357 more words

No Audience Underground

Neck Vs. Throat

Neck Vs. Throat: Vol 3 (self-released CDr and download);
Neck Vs. Throat Live (self-released download

Neck Vs. Throat is a transatlantic death match between Hull-based gargle poet Yol and Cuidad Juarez’s very own avant-shredder Miguel Perez (The Skull Mask, La Mancha del Pecado, etc). 660 more words

tin apples: joe murray on kiko c. esseiva, sisto rossi, dale cornish, phil julian, murray royston-ward

Kiko C. Esseiva – Zenith Larsen/Nadir Larsen (tape, SPAM, spam20, edition of 50)

Sisto Rossi – Soundtrack To A Nailed Shut Coffin (tape, SPAM, spam19, edition of 40) 1,115 more words

No Audience Underground

chasing the unnatural: joe murray on graham stewart, brendan mcgeever, 21st century band, downer canada, graham dunning, tom white

Graham Stewart & Brendan McGeever – Larsson Sessions (tape, Piped-in From Head Office Records, pifho007, edition of 41 or download)

21st Century Band – Dinner Free (tape, no label – or not, see editor’s note below) 1,523 more words

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the science of dropping things: joe murray on 23 minutes, mudguts, hardworking families

Various Artists – 23 Minutes – 23 Tracks – 23 Artists (3″ CD-r, Eastville Vending, edition of 60 or download)

Mudguts – Locque Atmir Kodai (3″ CD-r, Bells Hill, BH 013, edition of 30) 1,335 more words

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