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hubcap castanets: joe murray on yol

yol – everyday rituals (self-released download)

In the week I’m listening to this new yol release I’ve also been trying to learn about the art of Flamenco through a series of YouTube videos, records and documentaries.  760 more words

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fub stumps: joe murray and luke vollar on fritz welch

Fritz Welch – Nothing to offer (tape, Singing Knives, SK024)


In our end of Newcastle there’s a special dance we do to welcome a drummer’s solo album up the hill, past the motorcycle shops and down Westgate Road; sort of a step-slide-shuffle (with a Richard III lurch) to pay homage to one of our favourite sub-genres. 574 more words

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sinusoidal perpetuity: jo murray on depletion, shareholder

Depletion – Null Data (tape, Fairfax Industries, X101)

Shareholder – Jimmy Shan (tape, Know Your Enemy, Know 14 or download)

Depletion – Null Data

Welcome to the throbbing darkness, the suffocating embrace… 816 more words

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aniseed and turpentine: joe murray on woven skull, petals, köhn

Woven Skull – Fat Baby Blues (tape or download, Deserted Village, DV51)

petals – enactment & advocacy (CD-r or download, hairdryer excommunication)

Köhn – The Long & Unwinding Road (CD-r, Kirigirisu Recordings, edition of 50 or download) 905 more words

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look to the father: sophie cooper on papal bull and the new band of the faint people

Papal Bull – Argot of Incomprehension (CD, Discombobulate Records/Singing Knives, BOB007/SK023, edition of 200)

The New Band of the Faint People – Certain Creatures Slither Opposite the Temple (download, Burselm Crypt Recordings) 823 more words

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the act of lift, drop, secure: joe murray on ezio piermattei, grip casino, va aa lr

Grip Casino & Ezio Piermattei – Holo Orbita (tape, Tutore Burlato, #02, edition of 50)

 VA AA LR – Polis (CD, Intonema, int014, edition of 200) 721 more words

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domestic strangeness: joe murray on richard youngs

Richard Youngs – NO FANS COMPENDIUM (7 x CD, VHF, vhf#137)

Note: Written over a series of long-long-long train journeys from Newcastle to London over the course of about 12 hours.  1,477 more words

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