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the act of lift, drop, secure: joe murray on ezio piermattei, grip casino, va aa lr

Grip Casino & Ezio Piermattei – Holo Orbita (tape, Tutore Burlato, #02, edition of 50)

 VA AA LR – Polis (CD, Intonema, int014, edition of 200) 721 more words

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domestic strangeness: joe murray on richard youngs

Richard Youngs – NO FANS COMPENDIUM (7 x CD, VHF, vhf#137)

Note: Written over a series of long-long-long train journeys from Newcastle to London over the course of about 12 hours.  1,477 more words

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uncommon words: joe murray on james watts, ovary friendly and a mystery from wasted capital

Alright Duckie (tape, ‘Wasted Capital Since 2013′, WC9, edition of 50)

James Watts – Glass Cascade (tape, self-released, edition of 25 or download)

– farthing wood yeah? 1,117 more words

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bouncing off the tuning pegs: joe murray on david somló, panelak and gold soundz all-stars

stuart chalmers/henry collins/sindre bjerga/claus poulsen – split (tape, gold soundz, gs#127, edition of 25)

David Somló – Movement (CD mounted on plate with hanger and booklet or download with pdf, self-released) 1,141 more words

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the cracked paving stones: joe murray on robert ridley-shackleton and sindre bjerga

Robert Ridley-Shackleton – The Cardboard Prince (tape, Hissing Frames)

Sindre Bjerga – Listening Fictions (CD-r, Crow Versus Crow, edition of 50 or download)

Robert Ridley-Shackleton – … 737 more words

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magnetic stones: joe murray on lost harbours and common objects

Lost Harbours – In the Direction of The Sun (tape, Cruel Nature Records, CN040, edition of 50 or download)

Common Objects – Whitewashed with Lines (2 x CD, Another Timbre, at85x2) 948 more words

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fancy clogwerk: joe murray on Ø+yn, false sir nicholas, filthy turd, path to lobster believers, gorgeous morpheus, juice machine

Gorgeous Morpheus/Path to Lobster Believers – Surprise, We Kinda Like Boys (download, Swamp Circle, SW-048)

Juice Machine/Path to Lobster Believers – Weak Password (tape or download, Rainbow Bridge, RB181) 1,069 more words

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