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the science of dropping things: joe murray on 23 minutes, mudguts, hardworking families

Various Artists – 23 Minutes – 23 Tracks – 23 Artists (3″ CD-r, Eastville Vending, edition of 60 or download)

Mudguts – Locque Atmir Kodai (3″ CD-r, Bells Hill, BH 013, edition of 30) 1,335 more words

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my bloody ventolin: joe murray on star turbine, robert ridley-shackleton, sindre bjerga

Star Turbine – Nothing Should Move Unless You Want It To (CD, Frozen Light, edition of 300 or download)

Robert Ridley-Shackleton – Tupperwave (CD-r, Chocolate Monk, choc.338, edition of 42) 1,146 more words

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unlicensed hiss: joe murray on tapes from vitrine: church shuffle, ross manning, abh, tom white

Church Shuffle – Aura Deterrent  (tape, Vitrine, VT25, edition of 100)

Ross Manning – Natural Causes (tape, Vitrine, VT27, edition of 100)

ABH – Drag (tape, Vitrine, VT30, edition of 100) 1,173 more words

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sliver lizards: joe murray on olivier di placido, fritz welch, kelly jayne jones, ross parfitt, jon collin, yol, culver

Olivier Di Placido & Fritz Welch – untitled cassette (tape, humansacrifice, HS0010, edition of 75 or download)

Kelly Jayne Jones & Jon Collin – Sheffield, 9 August 2015 (tape, Early Music) 1,206 more words

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resin and paprika: joe murray on dario lozano-thornton, field recordings from the caucasus

Dario Lozano-Thornton – 42 Rokeby Terrace (self-released, CD-r edition of 30, ‘Slightly Deluxe’ CD-r edition of 20 or download)

Various Artists – Kazbek: Field Recordings from the Caucasus (2 x tape, Early Music, EM102, edition of 70) 846 more words

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dark tusk: neckvsthroat, xazzaz, midwich, culver, la mancha del pecado live

Dark Tusk, Saturday 15th October, 2016

I’m delighted to be playing at the above event, taking place as part of the fringe of TUSK Festival, 2016.   240 more words

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acting out 'rain': joe and dulcie murray on duplo chat, kek-w

Duplo Chat – 5th July 2016 (tape, possibly on Cardboard Club?)

Duplo Chat – Duplo Chat (tape and A5 artzine, Moon Mist Music, edition of 30) 547 more words

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