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Marvel Decides Whether Or Not If They Give Us Peter Parker

Ever since we learned that Spider-Man was swinging his way back over to Marvel to join the studio’s ever-expanding Cinematic Universe, there has been debate over which secret identity the web-slinger would assume. 555 more words


Will The New Spider-Man Actually Be Peter Parker?

The moment that Marvel Studios obtained partial rights the Spider-Man character, fans have been expressing their hopes for a Miles Morales lead Spider-Man movie. But, it looks like the hopes have been shot down…for now. 177 more words


Marvel CCO reveals the “trick” to making Spider-Man great

Recently a fan asked Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada, on whether or not there are visual concepts for the character and what he think is an important aspect of getting the character right. 195 more words


Joe Quesada, giant hypocrite, plays dumb when confronted on other comic industry hypocrites

Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, took to Tumblr on Friday night to bemoan the way comic industry “professionals” are treated by fans. He played the world’s smallest violin for people like Steve Wacker, Dan Slott, Mark Waid, Erik Larsen, Gail Simone and countless others who say incredibly nasty things via their social media accounts. 845 more words


Belief in our Guardian Devil

I recently spent some time following questions (and sending one) to Vincent D’Onofrio on Twitter as he responded to Kingpin questions; another reminder that the countdown to Netflix’s April 10… 651 more words


AJ Reads Brand New Day: Part 2

LAST TIME ON BRAND NEW DAY: Everything we liked about the J. Michael Straczynski (and to be fair, Peter David) run of Spider-Man is no more. 2,955 more words


AJ reads Brand New Day: Part One

Welcome my friends to a new project that I’m doing where I bitch about why comics suck. All new, never done before. Completely original…yeah. To be honest I planned on doing this every since I subscribed to Marvel Unlimited during the summer simply because I wanted something to write about on my blog. 1,211 more words