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What’s the story? Morning, noon and night glory

If anyone has dipped into this blog more than once or twice, they’ve probably seen mention of the Wordland online anthologies of short stories and poetry. 472 more words


Joe R. Lansdale 'Bullets and Fire' Review

Written by: Chad Lutzke

Lansdale has a certain confidence; a story-telling swagger that sits you down and lets you know you will like this.  Like a sexy jedi Jagger; you almost don’t have a choice.  294 more words


Bullets and Fire - Joe R. Lansdale

Revenge is best served…hard and fast! And that’s exactly how Lansdale dishes it up. A short story about a guy looking to do whatever it takes to join a gang. 62 more words

Horror Review

The evening sun had rolled down and blown out in a bloody wad and the white, full moon had rolled up like an enormous ball of tightly wrapped twine.

15 more words
Notable Quotable

Joe R. Lansdale 'Deadman’s Road' Review

Written by: Matthew J. Barbour

There is perhaps no force better equipped to face off against the evils of hell than God’s servants on earth. The horror genre has seen its number of heroic priests. 596 more words


Joe R. Lansdale 'Bumper Crop' Review

Written by: Matthew J. Barbour

Joe R. Lansdale is a prolific author. His works not only include many novels, but numerous flash fiction, short story, and novella pieces. 456 more words


Joe R. Lansdale 'The Magic Wagon' Review

Written by: Matthew J. Barbour 

The Magic Wagon is a short novel or novella by Joe R. Lansdale. The tale focuses on an entertainment trio which tours the countryside in the “Magic Wagon” during the early twentieth century. 398 more words