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The Thicket - Joe R. Lansdale

“The man was as big as Grandpa, easily half his age, and he had a face that looked to have been shaped with a rock and a stick wielded by an angry circus monkey. 325 more words

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The Thicket - Joe R. Lansdale

“A cow? She got run over by a goddamn cow? I ain’t never heard of that. Now, that is some shit, that is. A fucking cow.” 213 more words

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Letture 2016: la classifica #libri2016 #ClassificaLibri2016

(cover art Daniele Serra)

La capa ci ha ordinato di fare un post pubblico col libro più bello e quello più brutto del proprio anno di letture, con motivazione. 348 more words

Joe R. Lansdale

What Went Right With... Cold In July?

Based on the novel of the same name, ‘Cold In July’ tells the story of an average man named Richard Dane who one night accidentally shoots and kills an intruder in his home. 1,089 more words


The Home Invasion - Part One: Novels

by Alex Smith

I wrote HIVE in conversation with the home invasion narrative. Not necessarily a big fan that sought out such examples of the trope, I’d nonetheless read, watched, and gamed in worlds where something or someone was trying to… 986 more words


Paradise Sky - Joe R. Lansdale

“I had learned from Wild Bill to always have the other hand ready to draw, and if you couldn’t shoot left-handed, it was best not to shake. 245 more words

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Lovecraft's Monsters, edited by Ellen Datlow / ****

Any serious fan of horror probably has some connection to the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Maybe more than any horror writer other than Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft has influenced just about every major horror author alive. 661 more words

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