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4 Podcasts worth listening to on the daily commute

The commute to work or college can become a bit of a pain when you’re staring at the same people everyday on the bus or train. 714 more words


MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS | Why You Should Be Watching Them

Inspiration is the very core of creativity. Everything I have ever created has been inspired by something I’ve read, seen, or imagined. My life is made better every time I find inspiration in something new. 411 more words


ETT Wrap Show Ep.2

This week’s episode of the ETT Wrap Show dives into my most profound learning experience as a personal trainer to date. We also discuss Mark Sisson’s… 68 more words


753. Hannibal Buress - Recap and Bio

Hannibal Buress is a comedian from Chicago. They talk about his involvement with exposing Bill Cosby. Then they talk about stand up comedy overall and a lot of other topics. 57 more words

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752. Mark Sisson - Recap and Bio

Mark Sisson and Joe Rogan released a podcast on January 26, 2016. Mark used to be an ironman, marathon runner, and distance runner. Now he writes and blogs about fitness. 42 more words

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Joe Rogan Shares Some Perspective On Amy Schumer's Alleged Joke Theft Scandal

There’s been a lot going around recently about Amy Schumer allegedly stealing jokes from other comedians, with videos like this one popping up all over the internet, comparing material from both her stand-up and… 426 more words