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Subconscious Inspiration

So…awhile ago I watched a documentary narrated by Joe Rogan on Netflix called “DMT – The Spirit Molecule,” and was fascinated by it. I’ve watched it over and over and just can’t get enough of the thought of consciousness, its impact on our lives and how so many of us walk around blindly, paying no attention to what a miracle consciousness actually is. 120 more words


Joe Rogan Experience #786 - Wheeler Walker, Jr.

Wheeler Walker, Jr. is an American country music singer-songwriter. His album “Redneck Shit” is out now on iTunes, and he also can be seen on tour this summer.


20 Poems!

Before this site was for poetry it was used to write snarky editorials. I’ve long since moved on from that boring life and am the happiest I’ve ever been as a writer. 77 more words

Episode 25: Joe Rogan and David Cross Do Not Appear on This Podcast

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Weight Cut Issue

The reason to why MMA fighters cut weight is to gain an advantage. The reason why they gain an advantage is because they fight in a weight class that is lower than there walking weight. 365 more words