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Joe Six Pack

I have seen “Joe Six Pack”

Scratching his crotch

Yawning and stretching

In yesterdays socks

His large intrepid form

Still in its adolescent bulk

Hungers for beer in its six-pack shape… 72 more words


Brewer wants to Do Good by his neighborhood

By Don Russell (Philly Daily News)

Up on Tioga Street, in the vacant shadows of a postindustrial city, the sign above Kensington Pub declares, “Born Here. 99 more words


The Six-Pack - August 15, 2014

Number 1: This post from @boakandbailey

.@landells @PJMcKerry this might be a new rule: don't describe a beer as smelling like something you haven't actually smelled.

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The Six-Pack

A Woman Shall Lead Them

Saying that the United States is a misogynistic society might be a huge understatement. The country was founded by a group of men, it did not give women the right to vote until the early 20th Century, and has never had a woman in a political position higher than Speaker of the House. 700 more words

Danica Patrick

Postcard from a resltess mind

What level of economic growth is sustainable? In the current environment probably the anemic growth we are seeing, but capitalism has always been a boom and bust… 169 more words


Mr. Krause's Rejoice!

All it took was a new NFL collective bargaining agreement to make my globetrotting and oft voguish colleague, Mr. Allen Krause (9 year-old version pictured above), rejoice like he was at a Justin Bieber concert.  245 more words


Not All Athletes Are Created Equally

The NBA Draft was held Thursday night, and in contrast to years previous, this one seemed to be less about an influx of young players and more about the Shaq sextape sized elephant in the room.  163 more words