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Questionable Offseason Decisions are Already Haunting the Cleveland Indians

Before I go any further, I understand the MLB season is just a little over a month old. I also know the Cleveland Indians have struggled out of the gate over the past couple years and still ended up in the postseason. 679 more words

Cleveland Indians

Joseph Smith...36 (final chapter)

The dogs were curled around her feet.  Jade looked at them and touched their faces.

“They really are your dogs,” said Smith.

“I hear their heartbeat, it’s the same as mine.” 1,276 more words

Joe Smith

Joseph Smith...35

Lee, Seven, Jade and Smith were at the landing site, watching the ship land.  The cargo bays opened and two dogs sat there staring out at them, their tails wagging. 545 more words

Joe Smith

Joseph Smith...34

Jade walked into Lil’s, smiled at the new guy behind the bar, and went into the back.  She knocked and opened the door.  Lil was at her desk, smoking and looking through the books. 634 more words

Joe Smith

Joseph Smith...33

“So, Carol.  Tell me.  Who are you?” asked Jade, staring at her across the table.

Carol grinned.

“Tell me.”

“I’m a nurse, here to care for the babies.” 331 more words

Joe Smith

Joseph Smith...32

“What happened to her?” asked Lee.  “I’ve never seen anyone take that much damage and survive.  How long did it take her to recover?”

“She was captured and tortured for many moons,” said Seven.  419 more words

Joe Smith

Joseph Smith...31

“The ship will be here in a day or two,” said Lee.

“What is this?”  asked Jade, staring at the thing in front of her. 252 more words

Joe Smith