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Opinion: 'Fargo' television adaptation triumphs

By: Grant Vance ~Staff Writer~

Joel and Ethan Coen succeeded to a large degree with the release of their 1996 film, “Fargo.” This film is only one of many masterpieces provided by the accomplished fraternal filmmakers who have been nominated for many Oscars and successfully brought in two. 356 more words

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George Clooney To Direct 'SUBURBICON'

George Clooney will direct Sony’s TriStar Pictures Suburbicon!

The film is an original script by Joel and Ethan Coen. It’s described as a noir drama in the vein of the Coens’ breakout film  204 more words


The M&M Report: "Bridge of Spies"

On this episode of The M&M Report, Devin Mitchell and I discussed Steven Spielberg’s first spy thriller Bridge of Spies with special guest Matt Dewilde. Disputes ensued! 17 more words


Review: Bridge of Spies

Oscar bait can be such a draining term used to define a movie that has some stature to it. Maybe there has to be some preconceived venom behind the words when they’re uttered, but to me, it always seems to be a term that is used to put what executives would refer to as “prestige pictures” in its place for acting like infants fondling for the tit of the Academy. 759 more words


Feel Good Filmmaking

Last month we discussed Giles Witherell’s book Bridge of Spies and speculated about the then-forthcoming Steven Spielberg film of the same name.  The film deals with the capture of Soviet spy William Fisher (or Rudolph Abel, as he was known that the time), James Donavan, his defense lawyer, and the subsequent prisoner swap of Abel for U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, who was shot down and captured by the Russians in 1960. 552 more words


REVIEW: Bridge of Spies

I’m young enough that I cannot remember a time when director Steven Spielberg’s name was not synonymous with cinematic excellence at the highest echelon. I am also of the age that I have never been able to experience the kind of film that earned him such a reputation in any manner other than through the lens of retrospection. 593 more words

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FX's 'Fargo' Ratings Cold In Return On New Night Against NFL & ESPN

There were movie Indians, family conflict, death in a diner, chilly temperatures and the shadow of Ronald Reagan for the start of the latest version of… 366 more words

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