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Every Once In A While

I have been so disconnected from myself for a few months now, my willpower broke with the weather and I spiraled out of control at a dizzying rate. 329 more words


Evening Hymns & Quiet Hope

The silence said everything I never wanted to hear but I digress.

Recent stress-filled days have come and gone but I will rest easy tonight. A good conversation with a dear friend, a few refreshing pints and a little bit more optimism than I have been wearing lately warms my heart. 485 more words


What's Next?

Raw and scar covered fingers reach for honey soaked chamomile and in my tenderness, this night feels more clear than those of recent days. Warm air steadily brushes my tired arms and subtly tickles my nose and I find the breath I’ve been holding in. 910 more words


Choosing Happiness

Sometime I just don’t get it…sometimes I just stop and wonder why I’m not happier.

I genuinely enjoy my life for countless reasons I am aware of and most likely even more that I am not aware of, so why is it that I often times find myself unhappy with my current situation? 851 more words


Learning To Be Okay

I think it’s going to be okay.

This is our year” she said and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t rested in those words every day since, in the words of someone that truly believes in my capability and potential. 636 more words