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Land Use Regulations and "Social Engineering"

All forms of land use regulation are explicitly “social engineering”. Full stop. Let’s acknowledge that reality as we move forward. The question is never whether we’ll be engaging in manipulating society through land use regulations, but how and why. 652 more words

Joel Kotkin: California Is So Over

Daily Beast: California’s drought and how it’s handled show just what kind of place the Golden State is becoming: feudal, super-affluent and with an impoverished interior. 168 more words


Obama in Bed With Wall Street

During the 2008 presidential campaign, then Senator Barack Obama raked big banks and Wall Street over the coals, stirring protests against the rich throughout the nation. 119 more words


Charlie Brennan - December 12, 2014 - Kevin Gagnepain of El Monstero, Chapman University's Joel Kotkin, Major Lonneal Richardson of the Salvation Army

Charlie and Debbie talk with Kevin Gagnepain, bassist and event organizer of El Monstero, whose sixth and final show will be Sunday, Dec. 28, 7:00 PM, at The Pageant in The Loop. 173 more words

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Government for the Strongest and Richest

George Will writes: Intellectually undemanding progressives, excited by the likes of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) — advocate of the downtrodden and the Export-Import Bank — have at last noticed something obvious: Big government, which has become gargantuan in response to progressives’ promptings, serves the strong. 527 more words


Border Integrity or Lines In The Sand?

The constitutionality of President Obama’s recent amnesty order is debatable, to say the least, Obama himself having admitted that he simply “changed the law”. If that’s what he thinks he did, the law professor should know that his action was out-of-bounds from a constitutional perspective. 569 more words