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Problems We Don't Really Want To Solve

I have a lot of conversations with people about the challenge of doing fill-in-the-blank: improving public schools, building affordable housing, replacing corporate chains with local mom and pop shops, getting public infrastructure expenditures in line with the local tax base… And here’s my general response. 539 more words

Water, Water, Everywhere

Historically, most people had to fend for themselves when it came to supplying their homes with water. A well or a nearby stream did the job in most cases. 461 more words

Spring In The Silicon Favela

February is spring in Silicon Valley. The trees are in full bloom and if you squint and look in exactly the right direction it looks a bit like Kyoto. 460 more words

Flint: Harbinger, Not Outlier


There’s a great deal of consternation these days about the poor handling of the Flint, Michigan water system. At the moment the focus is on who’s to blame. 428 more words

SMART ? That Depends...

This is what it’s like to drive along Highway 101 in Marin and Sonoma counties to the north of San Francisco. I do it frequently enough to know it’s miserable. 534 more words

Saying Goodbye. Again.

December was a record month. I’ve said goodbye to five different households of friends and neighbors. Two more are on the fence – and the fence is leaning precariously. 203 more words

Teachers, Pipes, and Pavement

All across America local governments have become dependent on state and federal transfer funds to pay for things that used to be covered by local revenue. 857 more words