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Texas is the New California - But it Won't Last

There’s a lot of talk these days about how Texas is the new California. There’s a great deal of truth to this assertion. Just check the migration route of people and businesses leaving Los Angeles and the Bay Area for Houston, Dallas, and Austin. 700 more words

The Gayborhood

Many years ago I had a teacher who explained that Renaissance Venice had a disproportionate number of homosexuals. He stated, as fact, that rich old men married beautiful young women, fathered a child or two, then promptly died. 560 more words

What's Your Plan B?

A couple of years ago I chatted with a woman I met at the local community garden around the corner. We had actually lived four buildings away from each other for many years but had never met. 463 more words

Sikhs and the City

I’m the least spiritual person I’ve ever met. But I’m fascinated by how religious groups can be a dynamic force in the success or failure of cities. 294 more words

The Jiffy Lube Metropolis

I often think about all the land that’s used up by cars in a city. I’m not just talking about the public roads and highways. I mean the private property that is exclusively devoted to cars in one way or another.  547 more words

Expert VCR Repair

Sometimes I look at a place and wonder how it continues to limp along. Expert VCR repair? Hmmmm. VHS or Betamax? Clearly this sleepy 1950’s suburb has managed to drag itself all the way into the 1980’s without ruffling the feathers of its long time residents. 305 more words

Soft Infrastructure

What do you do with an aging suburb that can’t compete with either the trendy urban core or newer upscale suburbs? This is the challenge confronting many lackluster communities all across the country. 538 more words