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Edward Hopper's Rockford

I had dinner in Rockford, Illinois last night with Jennifer and Michael Smith of the City Smiths. You will never find a more charming, kind, and industrious couple. 545 more words

Hacking School

For families with young children the choice of where to live is limited by the cost of housing in a “good” school district, the suspect quality of the public schools in more affordable locations, and/or the ability to pay for private schools. 637 more words

Them that's got shall have. Them that's not shall lose.

My family lived in this building when I was a kid in the 1970’s. This was the door to our old apartment. It’s in a nondescript part of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. 449 more words

Drought Amid Plenty

In an average year the city of Los Angeles receives 13 billion gallons of water in the form of rain. (15 inches of annual rainfall x 503 square miles of city land is 13 billion gallons.) According to the LA Department of Public Works the city uses about 13 billion gallons of water each year. 374 more words

Misadventures in Azusa

I just spent a week in Los Angeles. Oy. What a massive schlep. I was in Pasadena interviewing a couple at their home (blog post to come… 537 more words

Commie Skin Jobs

This is Riga, Latvia. The Baltic Republics had a particularly difficult time during the twentieth century with Nazi Germany invading in 1941 and Soviet Russia occupying them until 1991. 648 more words