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Black Friday: Scenes From A Mall

It’s Black Friday and I thought I’d do something out of character for me, but entirely in keeping with the season. I went to a shopping mall. 138 more words

The Frankenburb

I’m currently engaged in a series of on-going conversations with various folks around the country about the future of the suburbs. We tend to agreeĀ about the broad outlines, but when it comes to the details we part company pretty fast. 713 more words

Compromise, Reality, and Disappointment

There’s a struggle between people who like the suburbs just as they are and people who feel passionately that low density development needs to be retrofitted to become more dense, walkable, bikeable, and transit served. 556 more words

Cherry Hill: The Winners

This is Cherry Hill. It is by far the most desirable suburb in this part of southern New Jersey as measured by all the usual metrics. 702 more words


Every once in a while I find myself standing in a place that’s right on the cusp of being transformed from one thing to another. I turn slowly and take in the landscape and decades flash by in an instant in my mind. 208 more words

Pave. Fail. Pave. Fail. Repeat.

I occasionally stumble on a property like this one. Its trajectory over the decades is clear. It started as a comfortable middle class home. You can still see the outlines of the kidney shaped pool in the back yard. 273 more words

Collingswood: The Main Street Model

There’s a weird war raging these days. There are people who advocate high rise living and public transit in the urban core to the exclusion of other arrangements. 440 more words