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Dude! Why Are You Photographing My Camera?

Every once in a while I’ll be photographing a park or a strip mall parking lot or something of interest to me and this blog when someone will be outraged that I’m taking their photo without permission. 631 more words

Bridge and Tunnel

This afternoon I was riding my bike and observed a fairly common event. An attractive woman in an expensive car kept honking her horn and yelling as she drove. 464 more words

Build It And They Might Not Come

I have conversations with folks all across the country who are concerned about the state of their town’s financial status . They keep coming to the same conclusion. 811 more words

Middle of the Road Kentucky

All the talk about urbanism these days is dominated by places like Brooklyn, Portland, Vancouver, and San Francisco because they’re prosperous and fashionable. It’s so easy to dismiss them as anomalies. 1,323 more words

The Ambivalent Observer's Guide to What's Next

There was a time when most people lived on a farm in the countryside. For some that was Nirvana, but for others it was stifling. It didn’t really matter much because farming was 90% of what was on the menu. 533 more words

Runs On Love

Amy’s Drive-Thru in Sonoma County is a cartoon version of crunchy, hippy dippy, Northern California culture come to life. Depending on your particular set of sensitivities the food on offer can be organic, gluten free, locally sourced, free ranged, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, or just plain old regular. 341 more words

Disruptive Technologies and Diminishing Returns

I’m a fan of Karen Lynn Allen’s blog.┬áThis week she listed eleven disruptive technologies that she sees coming in the next few years. Self driving taxis, security drones, fast food restaurants with no human staff, mechanically recycled water, citywide heating districts… I can just see Amazon’s flying monkeys delivering pints of late night artisanal ice cream to people’s rooftops in Williamsburg on hot August nights. 259 more words