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Joel Kotkin: Countering Progressives' Assault on Suburbia

Real Clear Politics — The next culture war will not be about issues like gay marriage or abortion, but about something more fundamental: how Americans choose to live. 112 more words


Squeezing the Balloon

Yesterday I went to the Alameda flea market with some friends. It’s held on an old airfield at a decommissioned military base directly across the bay from San Francisco on Alameda Island. 618 more words

Imitation Purple Flavor

Once, a long, long time ago before any of our grandparents were born there was flavor. Apples had apple flavor. Bananas had banana flavor. Grapes had grape flavor. 428 more words

Some Kindly Advice From an Old White Guy




Last month I bought an old fixer-upper for $15,000 in Cincinnati. It was originally offered at $17,000, but I got the sellers down a bit. 916 more words

Productive Growth: Strong Towns Video

We all need to change the conversation about growth. Some forms of growth start out modest and gradually mature and continue to build value over time. 41 more words

The Illusion of Wealth: Strong Towns Video

I’m a longtime supporter of the Strong Towns organization. Strong Towns seeks to reframe the usual conversation about the kinds of growth, investment, and development we want in our communities. 64 more words

Bringing a Rational Perspective to the Table

This week I participated in a newly formed group that will be bringing Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns and Joe Minicozzi of Urban3 to Sonoma County, California this fall. 1,473 more words