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The danger of race-based politics

Kotkin’s class analysis, his recognition that progressives are just as bad on class issues as conservatives, and his stating the obvious fact that racial demagoguery is a bad idea are all spot on. 326 more words

Bay Area*, Two Beds*, Two Baths*, Utilities Included, $340* a month (See Asterisks)

I spent the morning touring a friend’s newest project as we went over the things that needed to be done. Cleaning, painting, tinkering. He just sold his suburban home since he was ready to move on and this is a great time to sell property. 646 more words

Links for 6-3-2017

  • The Telegraph is covering three terrorist attacks in London here, including a van that ran over people on London Bridge.
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott held a reception for Convention of States Project supporters at the governor’s mansion today:

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What's the point?

I have never understood the disdain most urban planners have for suburban America. My neighbors and I enjoy living in homes on about a third of an acre around a cul-de-sac. 529 more words


The Woo

Every once in a while I stumble on a building and scratch my head. What were these people thinking when they built this place? When resources are scarce or people are under the yoke of oppressive circumstances it’s obvious. 638 more words

Five Tuesday Links Somewhat Relevant In The Current Political Landscape

I’m still getting accustomed to the post 60’s political and cultural landscape in America, at least in response to the current round of progressivism; the idealism and utopianism of many collectivist thinkers.   655 more words

Public Debate