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Port Marigny, Yea or Nay?

A reader recently asked me to comment on the proposed Port Marigny development in his home town of Mandeville, Louisiana. The master plan is a standard New Urbanist TND (Traditional Neighborhood Development) that attempts to simulate many of the qualities of historic towns – in this case drawing from nearby New Orleans. 539 more words

Morality Plays

I’ve noticed a common downward trajectory of neighborhoods all across the country. It’s the same process I witnessed as a much younger person when inner cities went belly up beginning in the 1960’s. 852 more words

Going Sideways

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m a big fan of the Strong Towns movement, a supporter of Urban 3, and an admirer of the… 688 more words

Lessons Learned

Last year I bought a $15,000 uninhabitable house in Cincinnati, Ohio. The copper had been stripped out and no one had lived there for years. This was on a street where a third of the homes were in similar condition. 1,163 more words

Edward Hopper's Butte

I find myself drawn to semi-abandoned buildings in desolate locations. They have a sculptural quality that I appreciate. I like the light and shadows. And I love the way such places are both the ultimate destiny for much of the built environment as well as a tremendous source of possibility. 65 more words

Bulldoze It All

I spoke with a resident of Butte, Montana a couple of days ago who thought Detroit was so badly mismanaged that the entire city should just be bulldozed. 549 more words

California: Scandinavia on the Pacific or Continued Brazilian-ization?

Joel Kotkin writes in this column that the current prosperity in a relatively narrow part of California’s economy will not result in longer term, healthy growth for most of the residents of California.  263 more words