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Take My Money

Book review: Thanks For the Money: How to Use My Life Story to Become the Best Joel McHale You Can Be, by Joel McHale

I’m not a big fan of celebrity memoirs/essay collections/tell-alls. 666 more words

Newly Published

TV Review: Joel McHale's 'The Great Indoors' on CBS

“The Great Indoors” has shades of NBC’s “Community” right from the start. In “Community,” lead Joel McHale was Jeff Winger, a sour and unwilling leader for a group of misfits. 463 more words


Gay channeling

To the Republicans in the audience, E! is the channel your deeply closeted gay son likes to watch. To the Democrats, E! is the channel your happy openly gay son likes to watch.

8 more words

Doug Baldwin is a Pretty Funny Dude

Okay first of all disclaimer. I’m a Bill Simmons guy. I love that little bastard and his whacky ideas. I highly recommend Any Given Wednesday on HBO, which is where I found out Doug Baldwin is pretty damn funny on his feet. 250 more words

Katy Perry votes naked in new ‘Funny Or Die’ clip

Comedy website Funny Or Die has teamed up with Katy Perry to encourage people to vote for the upcoming US presidential election. The singer appears in a clip, to support Funny Or Die’s ‘Everyone Votes’ campaign, and ends up… well, naked! 145 more words


#Normal: Katy Perry Votes Naked, Gets Arrested, Laughs It Off

Katy Perry isn’t feeling anyone who is thinking about sitting this presidential election out, and skipping out on voting. So she took matters into her own hands, and stripped down while voting in the name of inspiring others to do the same—only fully clothed. 288 more words


Katy Perry gets out the vote ... by getting naked -- watch

There have been plenty of memorable “get out the vote” efforts over the years — who could ever forget Puff Daddy’s classic Vote or Die… 273 more words