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Is the Next President in this Room?

During the summer I spent considerable time studying the kings of Israel and was reminded that Israel had only a few righteous kings.  One stands out above the rest in righteousness, and his name was Josiah.   352 more words

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Who Is God’s Choice for President in 2016?

There are two candidates, on the republican side, that are clearly America’s choice, because they are so high in the polls: Donald Trump and Ben Carson.  733 more words

Making Ourselves Ready

Day of Prayer and Fasting

Hi gang!  Today is a day of prayer and fasting, so I’m keeping it short.  If you haven’t heard, conservative leaders are gathered in Iowa today to discern which Presidential candidate(s) has what it takes to lead our nation down a moral, righteous path.   66 more words

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Israeli Oil Find May Have Prophetical Significance — Ezekiel 38 and 39

In early October, 2015, Israel discovered oil in the Golan Heights—a lot of oil, enough to make them rich for many years! Here is a few highlights from the Times of Israel Staff, entitled… 508 more words

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BREAKING NEWS: ISIS Actively Pursuing Production of Chemical Weapons

Within the past few hours, sources have reported that evidence exists that ISIS is planning to produce chemical weapons, and is hurriedly moving toward the accomplishment of that goal: 131 more words

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Are we "Battle-Ready?"

We wrapped up a very enjoyable study together last week, and with those in the live group locally, we met one last time for discussion.  Following the horrible events in Paris this week, it was fitting to once more nail down how current events line up with end time prophecy.   659 more words

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Will We be Blindsided by the Evil of Iran and ISIS?

“To misunderstand the nature and threat of evil
is to risk being blindsided by it.”
~Joel Rosenberg

Pearl Harbor…911…Paris France.  What do they all have in common?

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