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Is ISIS Winning? See This New Fact Sheet

Hi gang!  I’m keeping it short today in order to direct you to some recently-released sobering data.  Joel Rosenberg has researched and compiled information from various military and intelligence experts regarding the status of ISIS and their ambition to establish a worldwide caliphate. 166 more words

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Is the 10-year, $38 Billion Military Aid Package to Israel a Good One?

After much negotiation, Israel and the US finally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Washington DC yesterday.

But is it in America’s best interest?  Is it in Israel’s best interest?   433 more words

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The Last Jihad

Joel Rosenberg penned this novel before the events of September 11, 2001.  Somehow the terrorist attacks he imagined are uncomfortably close to reality.    In the Author’s Note at the beginning of the book, Mr. 676 more words

Great Awakening Happening in the Middle East!

Happy Lord’s Day, dear friends!  As American believers in Jesus Christ we rejoice with fellow believers every Sunday, acknowledging our salvation in Him.  But what about other parts of the world? 472 more words

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The Tehran Initiative: Joel Rosenberg

If Rosenberg couldn’t remember the basic tenet of writing (“Show, don’t tell”) he could at least have listened to Madonna (“Papa, Don’t Preach”).

Pity. There’s a good story buried between the “preaching” and “telling.”

The Twelfth Imam -- Joel Rosenberg

Too much preaching; not enough story.

Clunky, ham-handed; some interesting characters and plotlines buried under clunky writing, preaching and far too much self-justifying expository prose.