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SavageHippie Podcast Episode 11 A – A Poor Man's Brian Posehn

What are we at this point?  News?  Entertainment?  Infotainment?  We’re certainly not comedy since just about every joke we told was followed by, “huh, wait, I don’t get it.   432 more words


The Web is a Sociopath with Asperger's

Two days ago I opened up my latest issue of Time magazine and started reading an article that talks about online trolls and how they are ruining the internet. 497 more words

Brie Larson Now Has a Side Job Counseling Twitter Trolls

Unlike most Hollywood celebrities, Brie Larson doesn’t just go on social media to promote her latest projects. The Oscar-winning star of Room, who will also be playing… 219 more words


Things I've Learned from Podcasts - #4

Welcome to the fourth in my series of blog posts presenting my takeaways from podcasts I’ve recently enjoyed. Now that this is becoming a regular feature of the blog — and I’ve run out of ways to say “Even more things I’ve learned…” — I’ve decided to simply number the series so readers can tell at-a-glance whether they’ve already read this post or not. 854 more words


Goal Tracking; Better Than Invisible Ink.

If you can’t recognize how far you’ve come, or remember where you started, or see proof of progress, how can you feel like you’ve succeeded? 372 more words


More Old Men Complain About Millennials

Oh, Mr. Stein and Mr. Sanburn, where to begin? At least they were honest in the beginning of their piece “The New Greatest Generation… 528 more words

TIME Magazine's Joel Stein discusses the disappearance of the slow dance

Matt Bubala visits with TIME columnist Joel Stein, who talks about his latest piece on the changing nature of teenage dances, and the generation gap in dancing at weddings and formal events. 33 more words

Matt Bubala