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More Old Men Complain About Millennials

Oh, Mr. Stein and Mr. Sanburn, where to begin? At least they were honest in the beginning of their piece “The New Greatest Generation… 528 more words

TIME Magazine's Joel Stein discusses the disappearance of the slow dance

Matt Bubala visits with TIME columnist Joel Stein, who talks about his latest piece on the changing nature of teenage dances, and the generation gap in dancing at weddings and formal events. 33 more words

Matt Bubala

What is the Opposite of Virtual Reality?

TIME magazine last week devoted eight pages (and probably 10,000 words) to virtual reality. The concept, of course, deals with environment(s) that simulate(s) physical presence(s) in places in the real world or imagined worlds and lets the user interact in that world(s). 118 more words

The Art of Paint-and-Sip Franchising

The paint-and-sip industry is a little more than a decade old. People show up to drink while an instructor slowly guides them, step-by-step, through the creation of a prechosen design.

408 more words

An Idol called Independence

This is not a post about art. It is a post about the resistance and scorn recieved when one is an artist – or any other non-monetary-focused occupation. 2,678 more words

Painting Glory One Artist's Journey

English major (a quote from Joel Stein)

I don’t regret my English major or my master’s in English, which proved invaluable when I bragged about it in this sentence.        –Joel Stein


Jason Segel Buys Hollywood Hills House (EXCLUSIVE)

BUYER: Jason Segel
SELLER: Joel Stein and Cassandra Barry
LOCATION: Los Angeles, Calif.
PRICE: $1.4 million
SIZE: 1,816 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: 548 more words

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