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Good News.

Will wacko Baptist church to become shelter for homeless LGBT*I*Q kids?

… though not a proponent of retribution, this got a giggle out of me. 123 more words

Texts And Thoughts

Chick on Chick Filet

Beaver’s (no jokes please) a Houston based Texas coastal cuisine restaurant had the above on their menu board as their response to the whole Chic-Fil-A flap. 10 more words


Hold back the gush ... Joe.My.God. came through, but I am late to the party

I somehow missed a sweet tweet from @JoeMyGod. He saw my kvetch about not giving me a link on his blog, and he totally fixed it. 58 more words

Bloggy Blog

Whited Sepulchre Christians Advocate Killing Atheists

The Joe.My.God. blog has put up a screen capture of comments posted by good fundie Christians, apparently on a Fox News page. These are comments responding to a law suit by the… 590 more words

* Pure Christian Hate

GLAAD-handing Defamation: The Ed Schultz Award

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has exhibited a very hypocritically one-sided approach in their quixotic quest for a slur-free society.   For an organization that claims to be so concerned about every word and image that might reflect negatively on gays and lesbians, this outfit certainly has no problem applauding the defamation of those of us who choose not to run with the exceedingly illiberal progressive herd. 352 more words


Drunk Catholic priest offers police officers blowjob for freedom in Ohio

Wow. Watch this Catholic priest, arrested for drunk driving, alternately threaten and proposition police officers while chained to the holding cell. Sweet baby Jesus, video is priceless. (Via JoeMyGod).


See the New Hong Kong

Despite the title, the “new Hong Kong” seems to include a lot of Japan and Japanese writing. The song is by Josie Cotton, famous for her 1980s minor classic, “Johnnny, Are You Queer?” (Via JoeMyGod).