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New Graphics are coming!

It is May. Geez this is a slow start to a summer season. In fact, it is only about 50 degrees outside today and it is raining. 427 more words

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Sloooowwww start to the season

Yep, that is how it looked out the front window of my house on the morning of April 18.  Not exactly the springtime weather that we all hope for.   331 more words

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The water pump is suck a silly little thing.

In reality, pushing water around an engine to keep it cool, is pretty simple and prehistoric feeling.  I know it does it’s job and I know that my motor and complete motorcycle and the designers at KTM, take its job very seriously.   610 more words

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It is a Fat Bike, and it is a Birkie!

I did the Fat Bike Birkie, or FBB – it is really your choice.  I know I said 816 times that I would never do that, but I did it anyway.   146 more words

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Birkie Withdrawals

The days after the Birkie are always kind of empty, kind of a let down.  It is good to be at the end of winter, but when you spend so much time thinking about the Birkie and preparing and waxing and stressing and just plain living for… It feels like it will be forever until it happens again. 15 more words

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Can You Say Birkebeiner?

So another year goes by.  Some people mark the year by a birthday, or a calendar page turning over, or their kids growing.  Increasingly, I have been marking the year by the start gun and the banner going up on the start of another Birkie.   712 more words

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YOUTHFUL EXUBERANCE IN OUR SOCIETY (NIGERIA) Gracechild Oseh Joshua write: Listen, "If you want to hide anything for a Blackman, put it in a book (written)". Because he has no interest in reading. In every society, the youth are the greatest asset that any community can posses; potentially, they are the greatest investment for a society's sustainable development and future. The youths are usually prone to many behavioural influences during their youthful phase of life which can either make or mar their future. Besides, youthful Exuberance could be put as a situation whereby youth are unable to stay still, or unwilling to be controlled especially because they feel bored or dissatisfied. Youthful denotes an early period of existence while exuberance denotes uninhibitedly enthusiastic liveliness,vitality etc I'm saddened to learn that "youthful exuberance" overpowers rational thinking, and that the end result can lead to tragedy. One of the causes of youthful exuberance in Nigeria can be attributed to the individual family or household. The family has totally failed in its quest to fully inculcate morals and social values into its offsprings; which is partly due to economic difficulties and institutional breakdowns. Perhaps, most parent today do not spend enough time with their wards, rather they register them with daycare and other foster homes in other to escape their parental responsibilities for them to have sufficient time to transact their businesses which will in turn generate income to upkeep the family. As a result of this, most children grow into youth lacking appropriate upbringing and knowledge of social norms; this has led to astronomical increase in the numbers of miscreants, street urchins ,cultist and rapist prevalent among the youth in the society. Furthermore,it is disheartening to see a creative mind spent in creating ideas on how to destroy the lives of others; this has to do with youth using their talents and vitality wrongly, they are being used by diabolical politicians as well as disgruntled leaders for settling scores against one another, this chain of dreadful activities of the youth have resulted into outright criminality and as well increase the rate of violence in the society. Similarly, peer pressure is a contributive factor which can easily pollute the youth's mind,in the quest to equate the level of their peers when actually they don't have sufficient resources to fit in, they then result into the exemplification of corruptible acts such as prostitution, robbery, fraud amidst others which would in turn dent the family's image. Also, civilization has brought about an attitudinal change among the Nigerian youth, the advancement in communication,information and technology has deprived the Nigeria youth of their cultural values and imbibed in them foreign culture which is perceived to be immoral and absurd. Additionally, exposure to to violent media messages and movies has in no small way contributed to this, majority of our youth today have turned drug addicts,sex toys etc as they exemplified what they are been exposed to on the media and movies; this has been affirmated by different theories of media violence such as the INSTIGATOR THEORY as authenticate by Grenberg's research, it stated that "viewing violence leads to violence, especially in children" and the IDENTIFICATION THEORY which stated that "children,particularly, always want to imitate their heroes or film actors". Alberta siegel a comm. scholar, in one of his works THE EFFECTS OF MEDIA VIOLENCE ON SOCIAL LEARNING cites how television chiefs in Britain issued a warning to millions of youngsters upon an inquest on a boy who died in his home in Leicester after imitating his masked and cloaked hero Batman. Conclusively, one of the solutions to youthful exuberance is that each home should try to create sufficient time for their children so as to perform their primary function of nurturing and moulding their wards into a responsible citizen and as well should not allow the quest for improving their financial standard to overshadow the responsibility as a parents. Meanwhile,government should provide corrective and punitive measures to tackle antisocial/moral behaviours and stay puritanical to it. Please leave your comment. You can as well share this post. To create awareness..... Permission Granted #By #inspiringYoungNigeria Be inspired. Keep inspiring. Peace 🤘

Gracechild Oseh Joshua write:

Listen, “If you want to hide anything for a Blackman, put it in a book (written)”. Because he has no interest in reading. 1,369 more words