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Other Voices Festival, Dingle 2016 - Music, Joffrey, & Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Friday 2nd December

Through darkness we drove to Dingle. I was assured by my friends that the views en route were beautiful, and looking now on Google Images I see that they were right, but it was pitch black, and I could only make out a few bleary metres of road ahead of the car. 1,263 more words

I Now Support Trump

Last night, I watched the election closely while at work, but when I saw that Trump had won Ohio and how far he was still in the lead, I realized that he was going to win. 774 more words


Meet The Cat Who Lived

I hear often I am a blessed kitten. Yeah I live in tower protected by guards (okay they are Marines that live here too but a princess needs guards) in Japan and I go on tons of adventures but according to Mommy and Daddy I am lucky to even be alive. 1,129 more words


Jack Gleeson Gives A Very Non-Joffrey Answer For How 'Game Of Thrones' Should End

Jack Gleeson did a lot of bad things on Game of Thrones as King Joffrey Baratheon. He was abusive, he murdered for fun, and you just wanted to slap his bratty little face every time he was on screen. 208 more words


A Toddler Is Not A Villain: Tyrants

A toddler is not a villain, even if they are a tyrant.

But just like babies, a toddler suffers from lack of development. It’s a little different; my kid is starting to know right from wrong, even with our communication barriers. 966 more words


Trigger warning

At least, it’s a trigger for me to see a dancer placed in a cage and have it passed off as ballet:

The Joffrey

Thankfully the horrible moment is not long and I got through it.  113 more words