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Game of Thrones 1.02: “The Kingsroad”

As we get to “The Kingsroad”, it seems I’ll be commenting more on the events than on the production. This is going to be very odd for me; my brain tends to gloss over the events of an adaptation, incorporating the new visuals in with the story that is already there along with a healthy coating of “of course that happened”. 949 more words


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MONTERREY, MEXICO – January 24th 2016.

TOTSA Taxi have expanded their accusations of contract violation against UBER, now claiming that ANY driver transporting a passenger to or from the city airport is breaking the law. 240 more words


Joffrey Audition Experience

Today is a very special post, all about my experience at the Joffrey Ballet Chicago summer intensive audition.  I hope that this post helps you either decide if you would like to audition for this school or help you prepare correctly if you have an upcoming audition.   890 more words


Screenplay for 'Brightfire'

Happy New Year to all readers!

I hope you have had as busy and enjoyable time as we did over Christmas and beyond!

My hope for 2016 is that someone might notice that there is a very good screenplay of ‘Brightfire available to directors on big or small screen. 198 more words



In the coming weeks, you will be able to catch Joffrey Ballet dancer Fabrice Calmels on stage in performances of “The Nutcracker” running Dec. 4-27 at the Auditorium Theatre. 75 more words


Why You Should Consider a Breast Fat Transfer Instead of Implants

Have you thought about getting breast implants? Perhaps you have some concerns about the procedure. You may have heard that some patients have to have their implants removed because their bodies react negatively to the implants. 387 more words