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Game of Thrones Propaganda Poster - Joffrey Process

I’ve gotten back into traditional media lately. I love the versatility and speed of digital painting, but even with a super sensitive tablet and a high-resolution monitor several things are still missing. 863 more words

Art And Design

6 Signs You’re Dating A Secret Lannister: A Rebuttal

Today I bring a post by our Mangirling correspondent Johnny Rico:

Do you believe in God?

I could go back and forth for hours with you debating the existence of the almighty, but in the end it really doesn’t matter. 685 more words


The Royal Esteem of Joffrey Baratheon

Part two of my series dissecting self-esteem in the fictional realm. Last week we delved into the inner workings of Eric Cartman. This week, we shall be journeying to the seven kingdoms of Westeros. 968 more words


6 Signs You're Dating A Secret Lannister

Anyone who has been a regular follower of this blog for awhile will probably know that I read the Game of Thrones series for the first time back in December 2014. 305 more words


17 Baby Name Ideas For Fantasy And Sci-Fi Lovers

Joffrey, go to your room!


From: Star Wars
For the baby who: Is a little bit too into their sister, you know?

20th Century Fox / Via… 70 more words


Check Out This Major 'Game Of Thrones' Spoiler Hiding In 'NBA 2K15'

Guarding yourself against spoilers is a hard-fought, never-ending battle. Let your guard down for a second, and BAM, you’re confronted with a major Game of Thrones… 114 more words


This Is Marco Polo Season One

Since this is meaty, I’ll try and be succinct.

I liked it.  Mostly.  The views are both breathtaking and sweeping, the immersion into this strange new world a communal experience with Marco as we move with him plucked from home and thrust, bartered, into his foreign life of servitude.  695 more words