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Why You Should Consider a Breast Fat Transfer Instead of Implants

Have you thought about getting breast implants? Perhaps you have some concerns about the procedure. You may have heard that some patients have to have their implants removed because their bodies react negatively to the implants. 387 more words


What if Joffrey Baratheon Didn't Suck? Inconceivable? We say nay!

What if Joffery wasn’t a total A-hole? Inconceivable you say? To the contrary! Youtuber BloodBlitz Comedy spent countless hours slicing together a bunch of episodes from Game of Thrones and edited them to make Joffrey Baratheon appear the hero of the series. 18 more words

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What a difference a week makes

In the space of a week I’ve gone from feeling like this:

To this:


Game of Thrones - Tommen Takes the Throne

This is the coronation ceremony of Tommen of House Baratheon, first of his name, in HBO’s Game of Thrones – Season 4, Episode 5 (S04E05). This is the part where Margaery Tyrell makes her move for the throne again, with Joffrey being dead and all. 43 more words


Funko POP Game of Thrones Joffrey Baratheon Vinyl Figure Effective

Previously for the medieval epic fantasy television series Bet on Thrones, Ned and Cersei were built with a meeting about Jon Arryn’s death but it went well. 177 more words

Game of Thrones Favorite Moments - Season 1

Here are 5 moments in the first season of Game of Thrones that are simply amazing. They’re highly entertaining and the basis of most of my points to even watch the series. 190 more words