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Playlist: Past lives, Borns

Hello, friends, arch enemies and everything in between. It’s once again, two a.m, and i am once again, in a silly mood. 408 more words


#FoodTherapy : How Running is Yummier than icecream

You know that warm feeling of joy and satisfaction you get after you finish a pint of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate icecream or a big whole sundae , now what if I told you you could get the same feeling after spending an hour in the gym or running in the park for an hour ! 340 more words


Morning Run and Routine

So as you all might already know and have been part of, India has been practising lockdown for almost 2.5 months. It has been a long, but positive outcome days for many. 789 more words


Suicide Squad #5 review

Jog is on the run. Seared by a bomb rigged by Captain Boomerang, the speedster is in big trouble.

A member of the new Suicide Squad, he’s been tasked with capturing former conscript Boomerang, but the old Flash Rogue proves wilier than expected. 303 more words

Comic Books


In my last post, I stated if I didn’t write a cover letter for a job application then I’d write a post to explain why. 272 more words

WTF, Life?

We've Been Here Before

There’s a construction site a block over from my apartment. It’s a full gutting of one of those beautiful Chicago brownstones. You can see straight through; everything but the stairs has been torn seam from seam. 490 more words