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Getting back into the fitness

Ok so college exams finished last week Yipeeeeeeeeee!…. (“,)

I haven’t been doing my jogging much around exams as I was concentrating all my time on studying sooooooooo I went for my 1st jog Friday night up a hill and was sooooo bet. 262 more words


Tidur tapi tetep bakar lemak? Running HIIT yuk.

Sepertinya istilah HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) bagi pecinta olahraga baik itu running, sepeda statis, tread mill, dll. Namun mungkin saja ada yang belum ngeh apa sih HIIT itu. 412 more words


Save your breath

On a recent jog through the vineyards of Germany, I decided to test my culturally inbreed need to greet passing strangers with at least a hello if not a grunt or a smile. 91 more words


Feel Good! Getting Better

Just completed 6.21mile/10km in 1:02 minutes with avg pace of 10:06/mile. Not the best times but I’m just jazzed that I’m able to run that far without pain during or after! 37 more words


RUN: Long Beach, California 7.32 miles

I was up at Long Beach and decided that I would run along the shore line a place called Shoreline Village; I tourist trap of sort but one that had a nice view of the surrounding bay and the RMS Queen Mary is a retired ocean. 931 more words


Want To Lose Weight? Go Jogging

The scientists believe that with a help of physical exercises we can spend from 2000 to 3000 kilocalories a week. Most of all calories are burnt by jogging, skiing, rowing, rope jumping and sport rhythmical dance. 832 more words