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17.4 Miles

Another low mileage week, was only able to manage three runs totaling 17.4 miles the longest last night at 8.14.  At least its not because I’ve been too lazy its the personal and family items that keeps popping up that are putting a stick in the spoke of my wheels. 199 more words


Canon Hill Park Run

“ஓடுவதில் ஆர்வம் இருந்தால் PARKRUN – சென்று பார்” என்று அலுவலகத்தில் Tea Break -ல் நண்பர் ஒருவர் பரிந்துரை செய்தார். என்ன அது parkrun என்று Google -ல் தட்டினேன் . மேற்கத்திய நாடுகளில் நிறைய இடங்களில் இது நடைபெறுகிறது . 79 more words


The Art of Running Without Running

Well not really, just heard Bruce Lee’s voice running though my head when I wrote the title; “The Art of Fighting without Fighting” was the exact quote I think. 211 more words


வெற்றிகரமாக மூன்றாவது நாள்

இன்று வெற்றிகரமாக மூன்றாவது நாள் Jogging இனிதே முடிந்தது . 33 more words


I'm a Wogger.

Yep.  I’ve decided.  I used to call myself a ‘Slogger’, which was my word for the way I run.  Not run really.  It’s a slow jog. 750 more words


Long Short Run?

Used to be anything less the 3 miles was a short run, then anything less that 4. I told my wife last night that I was just going on the short 8 miles run. 171 more words


RUN 13.21 miles: Ohhhh the Humidty!

13.21 Miles (21.25 Km) in 2:28:41 Hours with and average pace of 11:15/mile

I woke up late this morning I don’t know if I woke up and turned off the alarm on my phone (likely) or if the alarm just didn’t go off (unlikely.) What ever the case I work up late I sun was already on it way up when I looked out the window of my bedroom. 198 more words