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Long Short Run?

Used to be anything less the 3 miles was a short run, then anything less that 4. I told my wife last night that I was just going on the short 8 miles run. 171 more words


RUN 13.21 miles: Ohhhh the Humidty!

13.21 Miles (21.25 Km) in 2:28:41 Hours with and average pace of 11:15/mile

I woke up late this morning I don’t know if I woke up and turned off the alarm on my phone (likely) or if the alarm just didn’t go off (unlikely.) What ever the case I work up late I sun was already on it way up when I looked out the window of my bedroom. 198 more words


10 Mile/16 Km Protein Run

I decided that I would run a -slow- 10 mile (16 Km) today and follow with a 13.1 mile (20 Km) Sunday. I want to see how my body will do performing two long runs back to back. 385 more words


First Ever 16 Mile Run

Ran my first ever 16.25 miles / 26.1Km in 2:59:48 at an avg pace of 11:04/mile. And I learned the following;

  1. I was actually able to run it without stopping or walking.
  2. 311 more words

GEL Shots! Missing my 16 miler

I was supposed to get up this morning at 4:30AM and start my 16 mile run. I wanted to run before the heat and humidity started. 355 more words


I Run

I run.. for me.. for my health.. I run to live.. I run..

It doesn’t matter how I got here, doesn’t matter why I’m here, what’s matters is I’m here NOW and I’m going to stay here for as long as I can. 87 more words


The Sweetness of Summer

Hello everyone!

As promised, I’d back, although a bit later than I thought I would be. Life has been so hectic lately! My Darling was out-of-town for five days last week and I was sure I would have time to get a second post in, but things just didn’t turn out that way, mostly because I ended up being called into work more than I thought I would, but also because we had our go-to general contractor in redoing the closets in our two bedrooms (one of which is currently being used as a library since we have no need for a second bedroom at this point!) and naturally, mayhem ensued. 913 more words