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Feel Good! Getting Better

Just completed 6.21mile/10km in 1:02 minutes with avg pace of 10:06/mile. Not the best times but I’m just jazzed that I’m able to run that far without pain during or after! 37 more words


RUN: Long Beach, California 7.32 miles

I was up at Long Beach and decided that I would run along the shore line a place called Shoreline Village; I tourist trap of sort but one that had a nice view of the surrounding bay and the RMS Queen Mary is a retired ocean. 931 more words


Want To Lose Weight? Go Jogging

The scientists believe that with a help of physical exercises we can spend from 2000 to 3000 kilocalories a week. Most of all calories are burnt by jogging, skiing, rowing, rope jumping and sport rhythmical dance. 832 more words


RUN: Spanish Landing – HOT HOT HOT

All day Friday while at work I was looking forward to my after work run at Spanish Landing. It just so happened that Friday was one of the hottest days of the year, unseasonably hot for this time of year; the Santa Ana winds which are winds that blow from the desert to the coastline made the heat worse and really dry. 940 more words


Welcome to Runs and Yums!

Runs and Yums, you say? I am many things but these days, first and foremost, I feel like being a jogger and an eater are probably the most prominent, aside from my real-life-9-to-5 day job (which is in higher ed).   519 more words


RUN: Chula Vista Marina View Park

Getting out of bed for my run on Saturday, I decided to take a run at Chula Vista Marina View Park. I’ve never run at this park and have only visited it one time since I have lived here in San Diego. 956 more words