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No es acaso deber de un presidente sacar adelante un país? Es decir, para eso fue elegido… Para mejorar la situación pero también para que de la cara y haga justicia.Escucho a la gente decir y escribir que nunca antes un presidente ha hecho lo que ha hecho Joh y quizá así sea, pero no es esa misma frase un reflejo de la mediocridad de nuestra mente?   381 more words


Only a Big Dick Could Write Such Schtick

No he’s not with the National Party – it’s Labor’s Big Dick

Did anyone read Cameron Dick’s paean to Wayne Goss in the Brisbane Times following the former Premier’s untimely passing? 364 more words


Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Got Off to a Slow Start

The loser now will be later to win

Here’s a bit of history, related by award-winning journalist Evan Whitton.

The Barambah by-election: the prized seat falls to the Citizen’s Electoral Council… 269 more words


Premium Price for Gas in Montreal... Regardless!

As the price of crude oil plummets below $50/barrel, Montreal gas consumers all still paying the price. Have you ever wondered why Quebecers will NEVER get a ‘break’ on gas prices? 261 more words


it's a mad mad world

Are you ready for my real summer (and has slowly progressed into fall) obsession? Yeah I’ve been slacking on the blog posts but… Well anyway it’s been HBO’s TV series Mad Men. 353 more words

IMF And Honduras Have An Agreement

Courtesy: elheraldo.hn

      In June of this year, Honduran officials drafted a proposal for the executives at the International Monetary Fund. The proposal was in hopes that country would receive financial aid, and more importantly, an approval for the new leadership and the direction in which they are taking Honduras. 521 more words


Jeremy's Journey: Fundraising for the Journey of Hope

By: Tyler Aberg

How long does it take to ride 4,000 miles across the U.S. on a bike?

“Approximately two months,” said senior mechanical engineer Jeremy Roy. 903 more words

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