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My Favorite Windows

Whenever I am in Germany a journey to Mainz is a personal necessity, for nostalgia’s sake, and always includes a few must sees. From my father’s house I travel about 22 miles by train, profiting from the expedient public transportation system, and disembark at the station named… 695 more words


Extra, Extra, Read all About it

Have you ever wanted to learn a really brief bit about the entire history of print? Well today is your lucky day!!

Here’s a little fake newspaper I made to go along with the presentation: 51 more words

In Medias Res

Print, Power and Protest

The printing press was the creation of print. It was created by German inventor Johannes Gutenberg in the 1440’s. A printing press is a device for applying pressure to an inked surface resting upon a print medium , thereby transferring the ink. 395 more words

Another Look at Gutenberg

A second look at Gutenberg

Stephen Eskilson’s “Graphic Design: A New History” gives us limited information on the individual Johannes Gutenberg. The text does mention that the German publisher of the famous Gutenberg Bible was a business minded goldsmith from Mainz. 230 more words

What Ever Happened to Gutenberg?

Whatever happened to Gutenberg? We all know that the story begins with the Gutenberg bible. As history has it, Gutenberg was not the inventor of printing, movable type, or even the ink that he used to create the printing. 373 more words

Printed Books Existed Long Before Gutenberg’s Bible

Johannes Gutenberg is often credited as the inventor of the printing press. Many people think of him in that regard to this day. The reality is that Gutenberg didn’t exactly invent anything. 472 more words