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Snippet: 2018 - the Gutenberg year

On the occasion of the 550th anniversary of his death, all over Europe there are held commemorative events on Johannes Gutenberg (Wikipedia) and his invention of the printing press with movable types. 109 more words

Incunable Books

Any book printed before 1500 (or within 50 years of the invention of the printing press) is referred to as an “incunable” book. Book printing started around 870 AD but the limitation of literate people who could read and write restricted books from being mass produced until Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440. 48 more words


The man who changed reading.

Today is the birthday of Michael S. Hart, author, hugely influential in the development of the e-book and founder of Project Gutenberg.  He changed reading from print on paper to electronic media, and slashed the cost of access to literature in the process.  270 more words


Johannes Gutenberg - Inventor Modern Book Printing -Germany Postcards

Johannes Gutenberg – Inventor Modern Book Printing -Germany Postcards

Hildegard Von Bingen- 900th Anniverasry -Postcards of Germany Hildegard von Bingen  (1098-1179) also known as Saint Hildegardand Sibyl of the Rhine was a German Benedictine abbess,writer,composer,philosopher,Christian mystic,visionary and polymath. 61 more words

Postal Stationery


Note 1: The following story makes use of the concept of an ‘alternate reality’. For the purpose of this story, it means a parallel universe where everything is same as our world (the buildings, the countries, the language etc.). 2,542 more words

A Publishing Student's Duty of Homage

I’ve always been fascinated by stories. Despite having been born to very scientifically minded parents I struggled to get excited over chemistry and physics. Novels were always my favourite and I spent many solitary summers sat under trees making friends with ink on paper.   578 more words