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Note 1: The following story makes use of the concept of an ‘alternate reality’. For the purpose of this story, it means a parallel universe where everything is same as our world (the buildings, the countries, the language etc.). 2,542 more words

A Publishing Student's Duty of Homage

I’ve always been fascinated by stories. Despite having been born to very scientifically minded parents I struggled to get excited over chemistry and physics. Novels were always my favourite and I spent many solitary summers sat under trees making friends with ink on paper.   578 more words

The Mediums

Hi, all! This week we are going to discuss the two important inventions I believe affected human history relating to the spread of media in society. 575 more words


Gutenberg and The Printing Press

Johannes Gutenberg was born in 1398, the son of an upper-class merchant, Gutenberg was a blacksmith and a goldsmith.  Little is known about Gutenberg’s early life, or his early education. 189 more words

7th Grade History

My Bible and Tribal Warfare

GodReflection: My Bible Doesn’t Read Like Yours

It is the fault of the German inventor Johannes Gutenberg.

In 1440, he invented the printing press with movable metal type. 712 more words

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

Harvey — Bristol Printing House

Harvey, Charles, and Jon Press. “A Bristol Printing House: Edward Everard’s Monument to Gutenberg, Morris and the Printer’s Art.” Journal of the William Morris Society 10 (1994): 40–47.

19th Century

Nickson — Bagford and Sloane

Nickson, Margaret. “Bagford and Sloane.” British Library Journal 9 (1983): 51–55.

  • Abstract: “The way in which over a hundred volumes of John Bagford’s collections were acquired for the Harleian Library after his death in 1716 is well known to bibliographers.
  • 80 more words
18th Century