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Printed Books Existed Long Before Gutenberg’s Bible

Johannes Gutenberg is often credited as the inventor of the printing press. Many people think of him in that regard to this day. The reality is that Gutenberg didn’t exactly invent anything. 472 more words

China What do they have to do with type

Johannes Gutenberg is always considered the guy when it comes to the Movable type. What I fine really interesting is the fact that the Chinese first invented movable type. 530 more words

What happened to Johann Fust?

All we know about Fust is that he gave Gutenberg money to borrow for his printing business. Gutenberg couldn’t pay Fust back therefore defaulting in giving him his printing press, printing materials and anything dealing with what made Gutenberg famous. 629 more words

Another Look at Gutenberg

Another look at Gutenberg

Stephen Eskilson’s “Graphic Design: A New History” gives us limited information on the individual Johannes Gutenberg. The text does mention that the German publisher of the famous Gutenberg Bible was a business minded goldsmith from Mainz. 648 more words

The Progression of Communication

Through history, there have been numerous advancements in communication. Blur highlights some of the most well documented, naming 7 in particular: art, writing, printing press, telegraphs, radio, television, digital technology. 687 more words

The Northern Renaissance

Next we will look at the Northern Renaissance. The Northern Renaissance began as the ideas in Italy spread to other parts of Europe. We will examine how the Renaissance spread and how it was different from the Renaissance in Italy. 30 more words