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"Spiritual Warfare"

This past Sunday I had the third of my scheduled pulpit-fill-ins as I subbed for the vacationing Pastor Garey Eakes at Silverbrook UMC. While they haven’t yet posted the audio for the sermon–and when they do I’ll post the link–I spoke on spiritual warfare, taking my cue from Chapter 5 of my book, … 51 more words

Reading the signs

Many of us have been confronted by the inexplicable or miraculous. There have been times that I myself have felt rescued from difficult or dangerous circumstances by the hand of God, and I have friends who can say the same. 463 more words

Biblical Meditation

You are gods

What you say from the pulpit is one thing. What people hear is often something else.

I don’t remember now who told the story. A pastor had been preaching on the theme of how we belong to God, punctuating the sermon with the pithy phrase, “You are all God’s.” Later, he was approached by a church member with whom he had debated because of the man’s New Age beliefs. 417 more words

Biblical Meditation

"I and the Father are one"

From the very beginning of his gospel, John confronts his readers with astounding claims about Jesus. He is the eternal Word who existed before creation and through whom all things were made. 422 more words

Biblical Meditation

Convince me

If you’ve already made up your mind about someone, you’ll be suspicious or skeptical about anything they might say or do to the contrary. You might say, “Okay, hotshot, convince me,” giving the impression of being open-minded. 625 more words

Biblical Meditation

Waiting for the hammer to fall

In two days, Americans will celebrate Independence Day. Fireworks will commemorate the “rockets’ red glare” described by Francis Scott Key as he watched the explosions over Fort McHenry at the Battle of Baltimore. 556 more words

Biblical Meditation

Crazy love

It’s easy for us, as twenty-first century moderns, to read Scripture in a judgmental way: why don’t Jesus’ opponents get it?  Why are they so thick-headed? 575 more words

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