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Obey out of Love - Comply out of Fear

He is a prominent professional, a celebrity of sorts, a pillar in the community it is her word against his.  When he demanded of her what he considered to be a favor in the front seat of his luxury car two years ago while giving her a ride home, she felt she had to comply with his demands. 892 more words


Dancing Around Obedience

I, like many if not most believers, have a great collection of excuses I use to dance around obedience to God. Have you ever sensed the Lord’s displeasure about a certain behavior and prayed, “Lord, give me the grace to stop”? 207 more words


King Saul ... and You

It seems to me that in the Old Testament King Saul did more than his share of stupid stuff. The first recorded of these is when he offered sacrifices on his own, without a priest being involved. 303 more words

Scriptural Perspective

What is Your Object of Faith?

If our object of faith is on anything other than the Cross of Christ, we will fail; plain and simple. I don’t care if you pray more, read the Bible more, if your faith is not in the Cross and what was done for you at Calvary, you will not see victory in your life. 147 more words

First Love

As nuevo Bible translators have brought to light there are about six Greek words for love. In the United States of America there is only one. 230 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

The love of my life and His message to the world is:

Treat others as you wish to be treated.  A very simple concept.

Weekly Photo Challenge