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So I have been contemplating how we Christians have affronted God’s graciousness by the divisiveness of our denominations, at least within the United States. But first let me share two important scriptures that address this concern. 878 more words

John 1:7

He came as a witness,  

What does a witness do?

Tell about something you have witnessed.

How do you become a witness?

Do you have the qualifications to be a witness for God? 198 more words

Glorify God Today

Christ taught his followers how to glorify God by His example.

John 17 is Christ’s prayer for his disciples before He goes to Gethsemene. From Christ’s words we find how He glorified His Father; we also find how we can glorify our Father. 262 more words

Today's Thought

Tuesdays with Sarah... To Santa or Not to Santa?

We’ve always been a slightly odd family. There are 3 main reasons for our oddness. First, we just now let our oldest daughter get a cell phone. 2,147 more words


Jesus wants to go a little further (3)

With five children there is a lot to do with the preparations for Christmas. As they’ve got older my expectations were that it would get a little easier, simpler perhaps.  1,143 more words


You wanna change your life?

Here’s how:  change your narrative.

I think it is that simple.

A friend recently updated me on her warmer relationship with a formerly  (almost) estranged daughter.   609 more words