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Joy in the face of hatred

We humans are social creatures. I don’t mean we’re all extraverts (or “extroverts,” if you prefer) — I mean our growth, development, and sense of self all depend on our relationship to others. 443 more words

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Parent educators tell us that one of the most important gifts we give to our children is a sense of belonging. Young children are vulnerable and helpless, and need the physical care and protection of adults. 550 more words

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One Lord, One Faith

Did you hear about the Baptist who was injured in an automobile accident? He was rushed to a Methodist hospital. The emergency room doctor was from the Church of the Nazarene. 94 more words

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What is eternal life?

Pop quiz: what work was Jesus sent by the Father to do?

To die on the cross so that we could have eternal life, right? 677 more words

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"Today is a good day to die"

Sometimes, when thinking about the world of the Bible, I think of…Star Trek. More specifically, I think of Klingons.

I know. Weird. Just go with me on this for a couple of minutes. 675 more words

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The four or five hours that preceded the betrayal and arrest of Jesus of Nazareth

I intended this to be setting the background for John’s chapter 17, which wrote about Jesus praying before being arrested.  Because it combines much of four chapters from all four Gospels, this is too long to go into that detail here.  6,086 more words

Year B Easter

Let's close in prayer

“Let’s close in prayer.” How many times have you heard that said, or said it yourself? It’s a typical and appropriate way to end a gathering of believers, in which we commit everything to God. 552 more words

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