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Beginnings: A Little Bit of Everything

My first year in college has been incredibly formative regarding my views of the world and on life. This is thanks to the Common Core of my university that espouses a liberal-type of education (at least in the first two years of undergraduate study). 593 more words


A Stand Up Guy

Marcia Bartusiak, Black Hole, 96:

Wheeler thought of all the possible escape routes and began testing them out, one by one, mathematically. In one way he was very much like Oppenheimer; he liked to work in close collaboration with his students.

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"Never make a calculation until you know the answer..."

Never make a calculation until you know the answer. Make an estimate before every calculation, try a simple physical argument (symmetry! invariance! conservation!) before every derivation, guess the answer to every puzzle.

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Quote Of The Day

Quantum gravity solved with Gefter H-state, part 2

The holy grail of physics is to unite all of nature’s physical laws into a single, cohesive theory. It was a dream passionately pursued by Einstein nearly a hundred years ago and continues unabated to this day. 2,099 more words

Amanda Gefter

Geon Analogues in Sourceless Gauge-Field Theories

It has  been shown that there is no finite-energy non-singular solutions to the classical sourceless gauge-field equations in four-dimensional Minkowski space that does not radiate energy nor are there solutions which hold themselves together for a long time before radiating away their energy. 351 more words

General Relativity

It from Bit

If you look at the image heading for this blog (a section of the Orion Nebula), you may be forgiven for thinking that it is merely a tenuous link to the futurist tagline, or that I simply typed “striking space image” into Google in an attempt to hook new readers. 350 more words


Geons and Wormholes

As described by John Wheeler classical physics be regarded as comprising gravitation, source free electromagnetism, unquantized charge, and the unquantized mass of concentrations of electromagnetic field energy or geons, in these  terms classical physics can be described in terms of curved empty space, and nothing more. 376 more words