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Who is Big in Computing?

A collaborator, the very excellent Ted Lewis, looks at this question via network theory.

More than 70 years into computing, Moore’s Law keeps on doubling performance of the basic engine of the post-industrial information age.

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The Toxic Term Sheet: Founders beware by John Backus, New Atlantic Ventures -PE Hub

The Toxic Term Sheet: Founders beware

By John Backus, New Atlantic Ventures

Its official. The unicorn has jumped the shark. The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Venturesource established The Billion Dollar Startup Club this year. 1,090 more words

John Backus: Computer Science Pioneer


It was 1954 and somewhere in the offices of IBM, a 30-year-old whiz named John Backus and a small team of programmers came up with a new computer language. 37 more words


Defects of von Neumann languages

John Backus, the inventor of Fortran criticized the defects of von Neumann languages (aka, imperative languages) in his 1977 Turing Award Lecture. Even 30 years later, most of his points still remain valid! 361 more words

Computer History

Computer History

Computer History
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Konrad Zuse – Z1 Computer

First freely programmable computer.


John Atanasoff & Clifford Berry… 370 more words


Chapter 2-Concepts of Programming Languages(Robert W. Sebesta)-Mr. Tri Djoko Wahjono, Ir, M.Sc.


1. In what year was Plankalkül designed? In what year was that design published?
The Plankalkül was designed in 1945 and it was published in 1972. 1,526 more words

New Atlantic Ventures' John Backus On Google Glass, The Battle For The Living Room, And Impending Cyberwar

Some of the best conversations I have about the tech space are with investors — along with being rich and generally smart, they seem to have the best predictive insights into the industry. 573 more words