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#37 Twentieth Century

Watched: September 9 2016

Director: Howard Hawks

Starring: John Barrymore, Carole Lombard

Year: 1934

Runtime: 1h 31min


Lingerie model Mildred Plotka (Lombard) has been discovered by theatre producer/director Oscar Jaffe (Barrymore) who wants to make her a star, despite the protests of his coproducers and assistants. 310 more words

Edgar Wright


(google image – John Barrymore as “Svengali”)

You are the best at everything
You are God
but are too humble to admit it
most of the time… 101 more words

Brave New Normal / Uncategorized

Maurice Costello

Maurice Costello, where to start? There are a lots of interesting facts about this guy, the one they called Dimples!

Maurice George Costello was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1877. 1,927 more words


John Barrymore: A Real Life Jeckyll and Hyde

Two traits are often mentioned alongside the name John Barrymore: First, that he is one of the greatest American actors who ever lived. And secondly, that he was an alcoholic who lived a highly publicized and tumultuous life. 1,440 more words

Douglas Fairbanks

Midnight (1939, Mitchell Leisen)

Midnight is a rather smart film. Screenwriters Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder are able to do a whole bunch of plot twists–always through comedic means–because of how they’ve got the film structured. 659 more words


Beau Brummel (1924)

*This post is part of the Second Annual Barrymore Trilogy Blogathon hosted by In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood

Beau Brummel is a 1924 silent film released by Warner Bros. 651 more words


50 Movie Collection: Mad Scientist Theater


Embark on an experiment in terror as sinister scientists work their mad magic in this outrageous collection of sci-fi/horror classics. From inventions of evil to reanimations run amok, these 50 laboratory creations will haunt your dreams and steal your soul. 744 more words