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Last night (Tuesday), there was a Speaker’s Lecture, in Speaker’s House, on the future of Energy, given by Caroline Flint MP and Drew Hendry MP.  The Speaker, John Bercow, normally presides, but on this occasion was not able to attend.   135 more words

Diary Day 415: the 58 reports that don’t exist. Puerile slogans, a soap opera and a toxic cocktail. 

My #Remainer’s Diary Day 415: the simmering constitutional crisis over parliamentary control of the Executive arm of government boiled up again when the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, was asked whether the Government was treating the humble address vote on the 58 undisclosed impact studies with “the respect and seriousness it requires”. 988 more words


Westminster sexual scandals: The Aftermath

Summary :

  • Westminster sexual harassment scandal has been labelled ‘not as big’ as  2009’s Expenses scandal by John Bercow; this comment was made after parliamentary leaders agreed on a grievance procedure as a way to deal with the accusations of harassment.
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The Baltic States


The hotel in Istanbul gave me an incredible breakfast buffet and shipped me off to the airport. There was a woman bringing a Turkish Tambur along – a common Turkish string instrument – and we chatted about my banjo and their similarities while we went through security. 2,505 more words

Friday 10 November 2017 - Speaker of the House of Commons reiterates his opposition to Trump addressing Parliament

John Bercow (above left) is the Speaker of the House of Commons, the elected half of the British Houses of Parliament. As Speaker he is in charge of the day-to-day running of the House of Commons and, as such, has authority along with the Speaker of the House of Lords over who can or cannot address the Parliament. 692 more words

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Donald Trump 'still not welcome' in Parliament, says John Bercow

Donald Trump has still not earned the right to address the Houses of Parliament, Commons Speaker John Bercow has said.

The Speaker controversially vetoed the idea of the US president speaking in Parliament’s Westminster Hall, shortly after Theresa May invited Mr Trump to visit the UK. 547 more words


Ministers' Could Be In Contempt Of Parliament Over Brexit Papers

Grace Imoleayo

Labour is to warn ministers on Monday that they risk being held in contempt of parliament if they do not immediately release dozens of papers outlining the economic impact of Brexit. 808 more words

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