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The Galton and Simpson Playhouse - Variations on a Theme

Variations on a Theme is an interesting concept. It’s essentially two very short one act plays with the same actors (John Bird and Frances de la Tour) and the same setting (a park bench)  In both cases the story develops from the same line from de la Tour’s character – “Robert’s found out” – and both stories have a twist at the end. 558 more words

ITV Comedy - 1970's

A Note From Your Commissioner

To rule with love? Or to rule by fear? This are the questions that every fantasy football GM has to ask when trying to lead his/her team to a championship. 270 more words

Escaping the Moral Maze - with John Bird, Thomas Pogge, and Steven Rose.

Despite the decline in religion most of us remain attached to morality. Yet as the Moral Maze there are an unlimited number of contradictory ‘moral’ outlooks. 24 more words