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From the "Who needs Enemies when you have Friends like these?" file...

File Photo – John Boehner, Former Republican Speaker of the House

Here’s a little quote from John Boehner, Former Republican Speaker of the House, associated with an article where he states the Republicans will Never repeal Obamacare. 161 more words

Republicans Remain as Divided as they were before the Election

The Republican Party is a mess. They remain divided, and this has become an incurable situation. It has been a party without leadership and direction for more than 20 years. 698 more words

Hillary Clinton and The Fourth Of July

Hillary Clinton and The Fourth of July          

      It is the Fourth of July and Hillary Clinton runs into House Leader John Boehner while attending a fireworks display. 23 more words


Why is the GOP so terrible at health care? So many reasons — but largely because they don’t understand political reality - MATTHEW SHEFFIELD

John Boehner saw all this coming — and despite this week’s debacle, Republicans will likely push on toward disaster

On Tuesday Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell formally decided to… 185 more words

Point Of Interest

A Failed Party is Running Scared

It began in 2010. Weak leadership in the Republican Party, primarily Reince Priebus, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell, allowed the insurgents to come through the front gates. 599 more words

Trump's 'War Room' ???

This afternoon, a story in Reuters caught my eye.  The title read, “In shakeup, Trump to set up ‘war room’ to repel attacks over Russia probe”.  1,003 more words

Political Commentary

Still Learning

The sixties were fine – there was the Summer of Love and Woodstock and all the rest, and talk of changing the world. That was supposed to happen, but it didn’t. 3,284 more words

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