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Dreaming of America’s Next Third Party?

Congress is quite the scene these days. With Speaker Boehner’s offer to resign, the Republican faction simply needs to pick a replacement and get on with business. 674 more words


"Insufficiently Conservative": It Doesn’t Matter Who The Next Speaker Is Because This Is A Permanent Conservative Rebellion

Many Republicans are looking at what’s happening in the House of Representatives right now with something between consternation and horror. The party is tearing itself apart, unable to pick a leader for one of its key institutional bases of power and riven by disagreements that seem unbridgeable. 1,054 more words


A Dysfunctional House

The biggest headline that’s not been getting any attention is this one about John Boehner leaving as House Speaker. Apparently he’s been wanting to toss the job for a while now, and he finally took the opportunity to publicly disclose his intended resignation. 716 more words

Political Crap

John Boehner’s here to stay, for now, with nothing to lose


WASHINGTON (AP) — Speaker John Boehner wants out. He really does.

But the Ohio House Republican is staying put, for now — and that could improve the chances for a debt limit increase by early next month to avoid a market-shattering government default. 870 more words

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The End of Days? For the Establishment, Maybe

We are living in the ends days. Any day now, CNN will be broadcasting their final video, the US Army Forces Command Band performing Nearer My God To Thee. 864 more words


Can John Boehner become Abraham Lincoln with Heidi Heitkamp’s help?

I propose a new beginning, a rebirth of the United States as the land of the free, the brave and the moderate.

The far left of our political spectrum is bankrupt, adrift with new ideas like wage control (minimum wage) and LGBT equality (a 2% demographic, if that); and a bag full of failed ideas that stretch from the war on poverty in our cities all the way to the entire Middle East — which is aflame with liberal appeasement. 450 more words

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