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Republican Lawmakers Scramble To Preserve Streams And Wetlands For Industrial Runoff

WASHINGTON, D.C. – (CT&P) – Reaction to new EPA clean water rules has been fast and furious on Capitol Hill among Republican lawmakers, who are currently scrambling to craft legislation that will insure that our pristine streams and wetlands will be reserved for use by large corporations and factory farms. 340 more words


Hillary Clinton Celebrates The 4th of July

Hillary Clinton Celebrates the 4th of July          

          It is the Fourth of July and Hillary Clinton runs into House Leader John Boehner while attending a fireworks display. 23 more words

Hillary Clinton

The Rich and Super rich

More evidence on The rich vs. the normal but with total numbers of how much each income group shares. The super rich is the most hard to fathom of how much of the economies money they control, which is in the 23 million range. 27 more words


Quitting Job May Lead to Higher Paycheck

As more Americans quit jobs, it forces the corporation to be more aggressive on hiring people. This could bring people closer to a solution for income inequality because those corporations are more willing to distribute money more evenly to lower-income people. 38 more words


Change in wealth

As you can see, the top 10% income increases and drops down over the years, which is very beneficial on their part. The other 90% stays at almost the same pace and goes in a straight line throughout all of the years on the graph. 8 more words


Government Meddling Theory

Government meddling is how the government adds different policies and laws without consent that affects normal people. It is a thought that government meddling helps and benefits the higher income and privileged people. 69 more words