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Austerity V Progressive ~~

Just another rant …

As we move into Campaign2018 voters need to remember the Global Financial Crisis of 2007 ~ 2008, how Republicans are reacting to your financial and personal status, Women’s Rights and Race in the year 2017.   793 more words

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(What's Left of) Our Economy: Where are the Wages?

Today’s new Labor Department data make clear that inflation-adjusted American wages are now performing so badly that just remaining flat month-to-month could justify a passing grade. 243 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy

‘My Kevin’ Emerges as Bridge Between Trump and GOP

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s bond with president makes him critical to success of tax plan

On the same day that Republican lawmakers unveiled their plan for a sweeping rewrite of the tax code, President Donald Trump and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, left, laugh along with Hock Tan, chief executive of Singapore-based Broadcom, during a news conference to announce his company is moving its global headquarters to the U.S., on Capitol Hill in Washington, Nov. 1,346 more words

The Republican Tax dilemma

Republicans are ‘never’ going to repeal Obamacare.–John Boehner, Jul 25, 2017 

Republicans have talked tax reform for years, but still can’t agree on how. They want to cut taxes for wealthy individuals and corporations, but they can’t do that without busting the budget. 82 more words


In his expletive-laden rant, Boehner admits he cut deals with Pelosi

Former House Speaker John Boehner gave an interview to Politico Magazine that they dubbed: “John Boehner Unchained.” “Unhinged” would have been a more apt description — the former speaker delivers salty commentary and bitter  781 more words

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Drunk John Boehner Unloads on Freedom Caucus and Paul Ryan

By Matthew Boyle, 10-30-17, at Breitbart:

Get comfortable folks, because this is a really long piece, but worth the time to read it.

A drunken ex-House Speaker John Boehner unloaded on House conservatives from the House Freedom Caucus and let slip private conversations with former President George W. 2,115 more words