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President Obama Announces Details of “Fuck-it List” at White House Correspondents Dinner

One year, and a few months, away from the end of his second term, President Barack Obama made headlines last night with the announcement of his version of a bucket list, something he is calling his “fuck-it list”. 351 more words

SURPRISE! Boehner Says Clinton's Are 'Good People'

His definition of good people is a little different than the rest of America’s, but then again, he’s John Boehner.

“They’re good people, but there’s questions that have to be answered,” said Boehner….

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Spring rituals: Birds fly north; baseball starts; John Boehner mows lawn

It’s that time of year when Speaker John Boehner posts video of his lawn care habits.

The Ohio Republican posted video on his YouTube page of the spring ritual of putting a newly sharpened blade on his Toro push mower and refilling the oil. 125 more words


Boehner open to issuing subpoena for Hillary Clinton's email server

Speaker John Boehner suggested he is open to having the GOP-controlled House issue a subpoena to  Hillary Clinton for her personal email server if the former secretary of State does not turn it over voluntarily. 309 more words


THE PANTSUIT REPORT: Hillary Called to Testify Before House Benghazi Committee

(WASHINGTON)— Matthew Daly reports: The chairman of a House committee investigating the 2012 attacks on Americans in Benghazi, Libya, has called former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to testify… 106 more words


Democrat Speaker John Boehner, Nancy "Hot Cougar" Pelosi Make Out Again

Just a little more proof that John Boehner is really a Democrat, and a progressive one to boot.

Spend, spend, spend, and spend some more. This time 200 billion. 103 more words


Michele Bachmann To Be Launched Into Outer Space

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA – (CT&P) – Former U.S. House Representative Michele Bachmann will be launched into outer space in early June, according to anonymous sources within John Boehner’s office and officials from Space Exploration Technologies Company, the private corporation founded by billionaire Elon Musk. 673 more words