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'How is the Internet Changing the Way You Think?' ~ John Brockman

As if I needed another genre of books to read…

Every year, edge.org poses an annual question on their website. Some of the greatest minds on the planet then offer up their answers, thoughts and beliefs on the chosen topic. 203 more words


The stories of our lives

Last week, I mentioned the evocative challenge that the writer and literary agent John Brockman recently posed to a group of scientists and intellectuals: “Ask the question for which you will be remembered.” I jokingly said that my own question would probably resemble the one submitted by the scholar Jonathan Gottschall: “Are stories bad for us?” As often happens with such snap decisions, however, this one turned out to be more revealing than I had anticipated. 1,199 more words


Book: This Will Make You Smarter by John Brockman

This is one of the books that are off the beaten track and make you both think and (due to parts of it) be bored. 435 more words


The last questions

For two decades, the writer and literary agent John Brockman has posed a single question on an annual basis to a group of scientists and other intellectuals. 955 more words