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COAG Reform Council speech NACCHO Summit: Health outcomes for Indigenous people

“Indigenous Australians should enjoy the same health, education and employment outcomes as other Australians. But, instead there remains a persistent and terrible gap between the two in major areas. 3,204 more words

Aboriginal Health

Taking The Myki: Poor Advice Is Baillieu's Political Millstone

Considerable baggage accompanies the ticketing system which is now the price to pay for travelling on Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses; it was a Labor Party disaster, and now embodies the central problem faced by Ted Baillieu’s conservative government. 2,170 more words

Using stories to communicate science

In our grad seminar class (Graduate Seminar: Environmental Science), we’ve had the honour of hosting a few guests this year. Perhaps the guest with the highest profile was John Brumby, the former premier of Victoria. 60 more words


Telling stories for science

Scientists can be poor communicators. Other scientists are excellent. What causes this difference? Two experts in different aspects of communication have recently told me that they know. 802 more words


Cenitex and project failure

Painful as it is when your team loses, changes of government do have a silver lining; it allows the out-and-out screwups of the last lot to be dealt with… 458 more words


This Week's Newspoll in Victoria: Coalition 57, Labor 43

Newspoll’s bi-monthly survey of voting intentions in the State of Victoria — the first since last November’s election — shows the Liberal/National Coalition on 57% and Labor on 43% on the two-party measure. 891 more words