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5 Science Fiction Writers Who Predicted the Future

The future always seems to be right in reach, but somehow it’s still nearly impossible to predict, so it’s always impressive when predictions actually turn out to be accurate. 1,004 more words

Science Fiction

Fiction - A Trip To the Library, Part 2

“Not all who wander, are lost.”
-J.R.R. Tolkien

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
-Arthur C. Clarke

A pair of ravens had alighted on a nearby tree. 697 more words


The U.S.A Trilogy

If you’re a regular reader of science fiction reviews and criticism, you may have heard of the “Dos Passos technique”.

John Brunner was the first to use it in science fiction in 1968’s… 598 more words

Book Review

the shockwave rider [book review]

I ordered this book from John Brunner when I found this was the precursor to Neuromancer and the subsequent cyberpunk literature. And after reading it during the Xmas break I am surprised it is not more well-known. 198 more words


What Was Published in 1968? Frederick Exley's "A Fan's Notes" & John Brunner's "Stand on Zanzibar"

The internet is sometimes Dadaistic.   Take the 1968 Club.  Sponsored by Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings, this whimsical group of readers is spending a week ( Oct. 730 more words

You'll never guess what arrived in the post today

You probably think getting hold of an old omnibus of Edmond Hamilton’s Star Kings books is not much of an accomplishment. Nothing to boast about. 1,309 more words


Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: French comic book style 70s SF art by Serge Clerc

(Serge Clerc’s cover for the 1977 edition of The Dramaturges of Yan (1972), John Brunner)

Joachim Boaz compiling a post about SF comic book art? Wait. 313 more words

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