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Anglicanism: It’s not what you think it is

The Gospel Coalition has a very good overview article. Here are some things you may not know about Anglicanism:

1. Since the arrival of Christianity in Britain in the 3rd century, British Christianity has had a distinct flavor and independence of spirit, and was frequently in tension with Roman Catholicism.

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John Bugay speaks about the history of Roman Catholicism

Here’s a link to the Agora Forum talk I did Friday night (November 21, 2014). There were about a dozen people in attendance, and the discussion lasted a good while. 39 more words

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“Dismantle the Papacy”? “Pope Francis” may be an ally in this effort.

I would see this as a positive, though incomplete, “development”. But they could not “dismantle” enough for my liking. And there is no papal repentance in this model. 55 more words

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Aquinas was the Problem; the Reformation was the Solution

As a former long-time Roman Catholic (from birth to about 18 and then from ages 23 to 38), I devoutly sought to understand and live according to the Roman Catholic faith. 148 more words

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The Jacob Aitken Reading List: “the ePistemologian’s Progress”

A portion of it, anyway.

I found this list on Facebook – it appears to be a list of “things to read” before the year 2020. 117 more words

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New: Dr. Carl Trueman Lectures: “The Reformation”

Westminster Theological Seminary (WTS) has just recently released a new series of iTunesU Lectures on The Reformation. The upload date on the series was 9/29/14, so this is pretty recent. 28 more words

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“Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics” Volume 2: Scripture

I’ve been publishing selections from Muller’s Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics, Volumes 1 and 3 (“Prolegomena” and “Doctrine of God”), here at this site.

But I’ll be publishing selections from Volume 2, Scripture, at Triablogue. 7 more words

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