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Profile: Elliot Templeton

“I always look for the weak parts in any character I’m asked to play. I try to find out what he’s frightened of to justify what he covers up. 529 more words

John Byrum

On the Road: Writing The Razor's Edge

“We thought too many films today are written by guys sitting in air-conditioned offices with bronze windows and directors who look at story boards and video tapes of other guy’s films. 528 more words

Bill Murray

Harry and Walter Go To New York (Rydell, 1976)

Thanks to Zimbo Films for turning me onto this one.  Harry and Walter Go To New York is worth it just to hear Elliot Gould and James Caan’s many duets. 566 more words

Interesting Failure #3: "The Razor's Edge" (1984)

When I wrote my post “10 Awful Movie Versions of Good Novels“, the main point I was trying to make, of course, was how movie versions of pulp novels can be as bad as movie versions of literary novels are often claimed to be. 3,367 more words


Inserts (Byrum, 1974)

Inserts is one of the best movies about pornography and Clark Gable you’ll ever see.  Taking his 1973-made American Graffiti image and smashing it is Richard Dreyfuss, pre-Jaws, pre-Close Encounters, as Boy Wonder, a once genius Hollywood director in the pre-sound era, now relegated to shooting low-budget porn in his crumbling mansion. 646 more words

The Razor's Edge

It didn’t work. For months now we’ve been hearing about how Bill Murray would essay his first dramatic role—not only that, he would do it in an adaptation of Somerset Maugahm’s… 747 more words


The Whoopee Boys

Oh, the legacy of Animal House. Ever since the megabuck success of the landmark gross-out comedy, the stream of crude and rude films that rely on leering goofballs and subterranean body noises has continued unabated. 516 more words