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'Chuck' fan recap: Enter the dojo

Season 2 | Episode 9 | “Chuck Versus the Sensei” | Aired Dec 1, 2008

There is a lot going on in this episode, so we will recap point by point, starting with the Buy More! 990 more words

'Chuck' fan recap: Jill's a spy

Season 2 | Episode 8 | “Chuck Versus the Gravitron” | Aired Nov 24, 2008

Don’t you hate when you get back together with your old girlfriend and then it turns out she’s a spy for an evil organization? 964 more words

'Chuck' fan recap: Puzzles and pocket dials

Season 2 | Episode 7 | “Chuck Versus the Fat Lady” | Aired Nov 17, 2008

Things are complicated with Jill back in the picture. Sarah’s jealous of Jill, and Jill is jealous of Sarah (and I am jealous of both of them because… 1,024 more words

'Chuck' nostalgia recap: My girlfriend's back

Season 2 | Episode 6 | “Chuck Versus the Ex” | Aired Nov 10, 2008

It’s the return of the exes in Burbank, and that comes with some jealousy, kissing, and choking. 1,073 more words

1880 – Birth of playwright Sean O’Casey in Dublin.

Birth of Irish playwright Seán O’Casey, born John Casey or John Cassidy. A 1965 film titled Young Cassidy, starring Rod Taylor is a Biographical drama based on the early years of his life depicting his early life of Dublin poverty to the celebrated openings of his early plays. 69 more words

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'Chuck' fan recap: Shall we play a game?

Season 2 | Episode 5 | “Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer” | Aired Oct 27, 2008

In our last episode, we got a peek into Sarah’s past. 899 more words

'Chuck' fan recap: Party like it's 1998

Season 2 | Episode 4 | “Chuck Versus the Cougars” | Aired Oct 20, 2008

I’m so excited that we’re finally here. This episode has everything: Sarah backstory, high school flashbacks, the music of both Hanson and the Backstreet Boys, Cory Matthews, and one of the biggest reality stars of the early 2000s. 983 more words