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Guns and Dreams in John Cassavetes’ Noirs

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976) and Gloria (1980) are two unexpected turns in John Cassavetes’ oeuvre. No longer bringing the domestic scene to the foreground, these features come closer to film noir as characters suddenly find themselves trapped in dilemmas where violence proves to be the only escape. 1,446 more words

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Alfred Hitchcock TV Series: Video: Murder Case

This is one of the better episodes of the Alfred Hitchcock Hour, simply because of the people in it. You have two up incoming actors Diana Justin, played by Hollywood Goddess Gena Rowlands and Lee Griffin, played by John Cassavetes, who were once a couple themselves, who meet again on set in London for a play they’re in. 332 more words

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This House is Not a Home: On John Cassavetes' Troubled Families

John Cassavetes, when discussing the philosophy of his films, said “All I am interested in is love.” He talked about his need to “analyze it, discuss it, kill it” with a fierce intensity, as if love is an elusive wild animal, forever out of grasp. 1,404 more words

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The Theater of Fear: John Cassavetes’ 'Opening Night'

Myrtle Gordon (Gena Rowlands) lives her life on the stage in John Cassavetes Opening Night (1977). Even the living room in her hotel suite resembles the theater, with a strangely spacious wooden floor that rarely welcomes anyone’s steps other than Myrtle’s own (except for the occasional disappointing suitor). 817 more words

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Peter Falk : Just One More Thing

Looking back I guess Peter Falk is one of the constants in my life when it comes to the small screen. Obviously through the Columbo character and the many films I’d be trying to catch up with on late night television from his earlier years like Murder Inc. 419 more words

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