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Rosemary's Baby (1968)

In 1973, a psychiatrist named Lawrence Pazder began to treat a troubled woman named Michelle Smith. Under hypnosis, Smith “remembered” being repeatedly abused as a child by her parents during satanic rituals. 2,673 more words


He Has His Father's Eyes

Even with our current sloppy podcast schedule, we can’t not celebrate Halloween here at 101 Towers. So Lewis and Ian have donned their most terrifying and zeitgeist-y costumes (Lewis is a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, and Ian is a Brexit) and settled down to watch… 240 more words


Podcast 083: Rosemary's Baby

It’s 101 Films favourite time of year, Halloween (or HALLOWEEEEEEEEENNNN!). Now we know our podcasting isnt as regular as it once was, but we always make a special effort for Halloween. 28 more words


Rosemary's Baby (1968): Classic Review

There is little I can say about Roman Polanski’s seminal 1968 horror marvel, Rosemary’s Baby, which hasn’t already been written, so I’ll simply preface this review by saying that I believe this film is the pinnacle of the horror genre and possesses everything that many modern day horror films sadly lack. 685 more words


MOVIE REVIEW | The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976)

“That jerk Karl Marx said opium was the… religion of people. I got news for him, it’s money.”

John Cassevetes is a cinema name I’ve heard a lot.  496 more words


Episode review: Columbo Etude in Black

September 17, 1972 marked the ‘Return of the Mac’, not to mention the car, the cigar and the eccentric mannerisms. Yessir, Columbo was back for a hotly-anticipated second season, 10 months after Season 1 rounded out. 3,081 more words


Guest Post » Hollywood's Rugged Individualists, Thugs and Creeps Part 1

Welcome all and Sundry. To this closing installment of a very intriguing three post arc covering different “types” of characters demanded in film. And those few character actors with the talent, desire and ability to embody those rare roles that are larger than life. 3,031 more words