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Love Streams (1984)

Director: John Cassavetes

An argument against the sentiment that director John Cassavetes made films that were merely interested in social realism, Love Streams is the culmination of a career following damaged, hopelessly alone people who are trying to connect. 170 more words


Adventures In Digital Series Land - Chapter 112: The Stockroom (yes, I'm gushing)

(Victor, in the middle, with April Hernandez-Castillo–one of the stars of the film)

Victor Cruz–no not the athlete–is a great actor/comedian I was lucky enough to meet about seven years ago.  414 more words

Web Series

3 things about John Cassavetes' OPENING NIGHT

Opening Night

1. Swiveling on the barstool, ready for a handshake.
2. “Look in the mirror. Am I beginning to look like Humphrey Bogart to you?”
3. Fractured sunglasses.

R.I.P. to Twin Peaks' Log Lady, Catherine Coulson

Though she’s best known for her eccentric Twin Peaks character (eccentric? Twin Peaks? I suppose that’s somewhat redundant), Catherine Coulson worked with David Lynch as far back as 1974, starring in his short film, Amputee, and as assistant director on Eraserhead. 162 more words


Tempest (1982)

Extremely good natured. Much of the photography consists of aesthetically pleasing extreme long shots of landscapes. Susan Sarandon and Molly Ringwald are both quite attractive in it and the acting, while sometimes corny, isn’t so one-dimensional or poorly conceived as to disprove the notion of “human progress”. 304 more words


Minnie and Moskowitz (1971)

A Woman Under the Influence (1971)

Directed by: John Cassavetes

Starring: Seymour Cassel, Gena Rowlands

After seeing John Cassavetes’ A Woman Under the Influence… 528 more words