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Trump -an oafish Troll-in-Chief

John Cassidy in The New Yorker concluding an article on Trump’s use of social media especially Twitter:-

Where America, until recently, had at its helm a Commander-in-Chief whom other countries acknowledged as a global leader and a figure of stature even if they didn’t like his policies, it now has something very different: an oafish Troll-in-Chief who sullies his office daily.

The oaf in the White House

John Cassidy in The New Yorker on how Trump has made May’s election problematical:

“I think Donald Trump was wrong in the things he has said about Sadiq Khan,” she said.

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It was no accident that he ditched the Presidential limousine for his ceremonial parade up the Champs-Élysées on Sunday, and, instead, stood bolt upright in an open-topped military jeep—à la Charles de Gaulle.

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#OTD in 1880 – Birth of playwright, Sean O’Casey, in Dublin.

“It’s my rule never to lose me temper till it would be detrimental to keep it.” –Sean O’Casey

Birth of playwright, Seán O’Casey, born John Casey or John Cassidy. 266 more words

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An introduction to...X-Men

The X-Men – they’re weird, they’re wonderful, and it can be a real nightmare to find a logical starting point amongst the constant array of titles associated with the team, when faced with Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, All-New X-Men, Wolverine & The X-Men, X-Men, Extraordinary X-Men (I could go on) and all the interwoven and history soaked storylines it’s not easy to find a comfortable entry point, but fear not, we’ve thrown together a few that we think are pretty reasonable starting points. 488 more words


November 1908. Hurling in Fermanagh.

7-11-1908. Enniskillen Guardians – Mr. O’Hara said they should not be giving relief to anyone who had not a doctor’s certificate. This rule was in force in other unions. 2,017 more words

Paragraph to Ponder—Trump Downward Spiral Edition

If you’re like me, the worse Trump does, the better you feel about the country’s future. So despite it being gray outside, I woke up Saturday a bit more bullish about things. 121 more words

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