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Suggested Reading: Reunion by John Cheever

Reunion is two pages long. It’ll probably take you less than ten minutes to finish. But the story will stay with you for a lot longer than that. 450 more words

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In the last ten or twenty years, there has been a rush on the part of many writers to insinuate themselves into the middle class, to live like bank clerks and to eschew any outward sign of disorder; a splendid maneuver, it seems to me, as long as the writer realizes that this is an act of espionage, that this is intended to put him in a position to observe the mores of his natural enemies.

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The Wapshot Chronicle Review

A Family Snapshot

“Dark secrets, mostly carnal.”

Those are the words that are written in Leander Wapshot’s diary. In fact, all of the characters here in John Cheever’s… 1,069 more words

Neal Eric Yeomans

The Reason For Cold Turkey

Hello, January! That magic time of year when weeks of unbridled decadence skid to a halt puddling into a big pile of regret and shame. It is time for a reckoning. 993 more words


Podcast Analysis

This is the post I will be referring to: “Reunion” by John Cheever.” Google Docs. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2017. <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jfJm8mmXkpX7xMD70QTrUdf8S4sZF01U3PdYrHHjKOI/edit#!&gt;.

This short story is simply about a father trying his very best to rekindle his relationship with his child, yet so much ambiguity lays in between the words of this story. 162 more words

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Review of John Cheever's "Reunion"

Richard Ford’s reading brought dimension to John Cheever’s short story, “Reunion”. His vocal performance made the podcast easy to listen to, as well as engaged you in the disheartening story of Charlie’s reunion with his father. 64 more words

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