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Blackpaint 522 - Cartels, Carpaccio, Cheever

Cartel Land, Matthew Heineman (2015)

This compelling documentary, about a self-defence militia in Mexico, set up by a charismatic doctor to defend his local towns and  villages against the Knights Templar cartel, is rather problematic.   423 more words

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Quality in Culture #1

A while ago norwegian author Audun Mortensen wrote an essay called «Teser om kvalitet» («Thesis on Quality»). Here he reflected upon how we can spot the good from the bad in art and literature. 56 more words

Prose the Rain of Battle


“For me, a page of good prose is where one hears the rain the noise of battle.”

— John Cheever
Hooked On Quotes

Why I Write

I am often drawn to quotes from other writers, philosophers and notables. They can be impactful and a window inside the souls of “truth seekers.” Some quotes make me go “um” and others just jump out and make me shout, YES! 74 more words


Gift of Abundance

When I belonged to the Stowe Farmers Market years ago, as a maple vendor, I knew many farmers. For innumerable reasons, I admire the tenacity and dedication of small scale Vermont farmers, but at the end of this November day, I admire my neighbors for their practical generosity. 188 more words

Favorite books from October

The best things I read in October, in no particular order.

The Stories of John Cheever. What is wrong with me that I waited so long in my life to read John Cheever? 128 more words


Short flight, free descent

Upon reading the lyrics of Joanna Newsom’s new album, Divers, one is filled with an acute sense of despair and wonder. How is it fair that one woman should possess all of these gifts? 395 more words